ReminderGuru is a free to use online web based service. It is for the people who are busy in their day-to-day lives and usually forget important events and occasions. This is an online service which helps people to recall events through emails, phone calls and even text messages on their mobile phones. This is a very easy service and pretty useful too.

People just have to register themselves in the website after filling out the required information. Then they have to choose various reminder dates and the ways in which the reminder should be sent to them. Users can also decide if they need the services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They can ask for repetitions of the reminders as many times as they want.

The reminders may be for birthdays, due dates of bill payment, activities, homework or assignment reminders, appointments for various business deals, dates for the deadlines or even wake up calls. ReminderGuru app has been designed to serve the people at large. They may include Teachers, Students, Professionals, Businessmen, or even the Housewives. This app has a high number of users and serves them as per their suitability. It lets the users set the reminders for a particular time, through their desired ways; and with the required number of frequencies at which they need to be sent.

Various features of this online website include, Management of the reminders for its users and keeping the data of pending reminders. It also helps the users by showing them all the past data so that if anyone has missed out a particular reminder, then he or she can manage them all at once. In this fast growing world, everyone has his or her problems and tight schedules. This is such a wonderful app and has become the need of the day for people of almost all ages, starting from the young to the aged.

Nobody has got free time to sit, arrange a meeting or even meet regularly. So, when someone does have an appointment, it is important that he or she does not forget it. This is where ReminderGuru helps tremendously. This online service has made lives of many people not only easy but also helps save their precious time. Moreover, as the app is available for free, people can take its advantage without paying anything. Nothing in this world is free but the ReminderGuru app provides a relief to all those who wanted a free app for them. Today, many people today want to make their lives easier but do not want to spend their hard earned money. This service has come up to provide the services at your doorstep. People do not have to go anywhere to avail its services. It will reach to them through email, text message or even a phone call. In all, this is a very useful tool for the people, who want to avail the services that are highly beneficial for them in their day-to-day lives.

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