Have you ever wondered what those diagrammatic Chinese symbols mean? Have you ever thought of learning mandarin but never had the time to? Well, now is your chance, with the iPhone / Android app Mandarin Madness. Chinese and Mandarin refers to the same language. Not only does this app target beginners but also those that want to increase their Mandarin vocabulary. This app has intrigued both students and professionals alike. The whole app is organized as a game that has around 40 levels to complete. Each level has 5 lives that finish up the game.

This iPhone app has been developed by Native Tongue an Australian startup and has been rated as the third most popular app in Australia. In one week, this app has rocketed above 5000 downloads. This app can be downloaded for 99 US Cents or $0.99. The ‘Native Tongue’ team also takes credit for creation of the background score of this app which accounts for their ear for music as well. It is for those who like to have fun as they take up challenges.  Technically it is classified in the education category but the users can’t believe.

When you open the app, half the commands are in the form of signs and the other half are Chinese letters. When we open level 1 a screen with ‘great wall of china’ in the backdrop opens with Chinese letters within bubbles falling down. Initially there is only one picture in the bottom bar that has to be clicked for each letter. After the first stage is crossed, one more picture is added at the bottom bar and the right picture has to be selected for the currently falling down letter. Whew! The speed with which we learn the words will amaze us. As we advance, the words get tougher.

Not only do we learn the letters and words, we also get to learn the pronunciation via the audio mode. In Chinese, these sounds change the meaning of a single word. Mandarin Madness has an easy to understand interface, smooth transition from one screen to another and has a way of keeping the user engrossed. Now we can happily say ‘GoodBye’ to old, cumbersome Chinese language books and learn this language in a tech savvy manner.

It has an advanced method of difficulty calibration that makes this app pose more difficult questions the faster one solves it. For a slow learner, the app patiently waits up to the user learns the basics and then only proceeds forward. So it provides a customized method of learning for each individual. It does not give us the feeling of an educational app and yet improves our Mandarin vocabulary. It claims to teach us around 230 words which is a lot for pros as well. It is compatible with iOS and Android 2.2 or above.

The biggest merit is that the user can get the comfort of learning a language at their own place and timings without having mental barriers of sharing the truth about one’s own pace of learning. This definitely counts as one of the ultra-useful, exemplary apps.

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