Flipboard is one of the globe’s most familiar social magazines which would be perfect example of a Progressive Web App for online news. More importantly the Flipboard PWA immensely reduces data usage to massive extent for a dexterous and quick browsing experience, along with impressive interface.

The PWA enables Flipboard to provide identical experience to users through their fully-featured native app on the web, making it actively accessible for desktop users too. In addition Flipboard gets its readers to keep pace with all the topics, right from the news articles and the events happening around them from one place.

Make the best use of your time on Flipboard

  • You can discover the latest news from The New York Times, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and thousands more top newspapers and magazines, local, national or from around the world
  • Develop and customize your Smart Magazines: bundle together sources, people and even hashtags to get access to truly personalized news
  • Good to Customize your home feed: collate up to 9 of your favorite Smart Magazines together for quick access to the features you love
  • You can Read The Daily Edition: keep up with the latest headlines and trending events in our daily roundup of important stories and personalized news articles
  • Actively Curate your perspective: collect stories around specific themes and add them to personal magazines

Best Publishers on Flipboard

  • News & Politics: You can discover the latest headlines in national and world news, with newspapers and publications like The New York Times, CNN, Politico
  • Tech & Science: read the latest tech news with TechCrunch, trending science stories with Wired
  • Business & Entrepreneurship: get personalized news respective to your interests from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes
  • Sports: national pastimes or world news, you will never miss key sporting events with popular ESPN, CBS Sports
  • Entertainment: Get world news, even for celebrities and entertainment with People

It professionally gives stories and news from all over the world, together, in the form of a magazine, based on their reader’s interest. The users can save images, videos, and stories, and can follow their favored sources into their Flipboard magazines, so that users could share it with others or read them later.

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WEB APP HERE: https://flipboard.com/