Networking is one of the most difficult tasks in terms of human relations and activity. It is not easy to interact with each and every person you know in personal. That’s why; social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming more and more famous and expanding because they provide us the simple way to connect with everybody while sitting at your home. While these sites are not limited to just relations and now one of the biggest platform for social activities, it’s difficult to inform each and everyone about the latest news because Facebook might not be everyone’s favorite. So, it’s necessary to find an alternate convenient way which you can opt for sharing messages with a particular group of people. So, let’s find one.

GroupGel is a webapp that has been developed with the sole purpose of allowing you to interact with a group of people easily and faster. But it includes all the different options available and that’s why it’s one of the best apps in this field as we found. What are the different tasks that you need to do when you are working as an event manager? Time notices, work assigning, send invitations, etc. GroupGel covers them all one by one. Let’s see how!

The web app allows you to send emails, text and even voice messages if required in case of urgency. Just select the group and no need to select individual contacts. Similarly, you can send invitations and check from time to time of if everyone’s coming or not. The app uses the in-built calendar to schedule events. You can set reminders as well of what is left. Apart from these features, you can also create interest surveys and forums to increase the level of interaction with other members. You can also ask for volunteer participations to perform certain tasks by creating sign-ups.

The dashboard of the app is very nicely arranged and designed. It comprises of the upcoming events and you can easily check out of whose coming or is there any response to the work you assigned. Everything is present in front of you and all you need to do is just roam your eyes around to find what you are looking for.

The best part of the whole discussion is that the app is available for free. Yes, no subscription plans or demo versions. The full app is available for free and all you need to do is just create an account which is nothing more than entering your name and email address and name of the first group. You may also start some new discussions within a group to ask for any modifications or new plans.

We really liked the app. It served the purpose for which it’s been made and that too very smoothly. Generally, you don’t get all those features for free and are often available under different paid plans. So, we will recommend this app to everyone who finds it useful in his routine life.

Pros: well designed dashboard; all features covered; free.

Cons: integration of social websites missing.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Web App Link :   GroupGel