Doris Game has been one of the most successful apps out there for brain challenging games.  The question is: can you take the challenge?  Doris Game consists of a matrix of blocks with different colored edges which you have to put together like a puzzle.  The challenge consists of pairing up 24 blocks with red, blue and green colors.  As you pass each level, you are actually being timed and your score increases if you finish levels faster.  This mode is called “In the Level”, and it gets harder as you solve each level.  This game mode provides you with 50 created levels and your scores are automatically updated to the “Hall of Fame”.

If you have already gone through the 50 levels successfully, you can download extra levels from the official website which is  It is no wonder that Doris Game became the best puzzle app in 2009.  The game has many followers because it originated as a successful board game designed by Zdravko Zivkovic and a game developer decided that it was time to implement the game into the Iphone, Itouch and ultimately the Ipad.  The game provides a helpful tutorial mode which allows you to see what the icons are for as well as the rules for the different game modes in case you forget.

If you could compare Doris Game to any other games, users would probably tell you that it is a Tetris game combined with Bejeweled Twist because you have to put the pieces together and you have to match colors from all four sides.  So what if you could challenge your friends with a hard puzzle?  Use the “In the challenge” game mode and find out if your friends can deal with your creation.  If you think that you have the hardest level on the game, upload it into the official website so you can share with others and see if your level really is hard.  There are many possibilities to make a level unique; use your creativity and wits to challenge others.

If you feel like you need more of a challenge, you could always go head to head with your friends, the CPU or even an online opponent.  You will find Doris Game so addicting that, once you start, you will not be able to put it down.  The UFO game mode consists of a battle of dominating colors, similar to a checkers game.  If you have a piece that contains a similar to your opponent’s piece, then you can claim it by moving certain spaces per turn.  The player that runs out of game pieces to play loses the game.


The game costs 99 cents on the app store and there is a free version to this game.  However, the lite version does not provide UFO game mode or “In the challenge”.  If you want to try the game out, you should download it to see if you really like it before you spend money.  If we were to recommend a game mode, it would be UFO, which is simple to use and fun to play with a friend.  In conclusion, Doris Game is a fun game for everyone, develops skills and provides hours of fun if you want to play alone or with a friend.  You can follow Doris game on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter in order to see new updates as well as announcements on new levels. you can get same kind of fun when you are playing Video Slots game too.  Have Fun Always !

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