Ever thought of an app that completely allows free communication to different countries without much hassle? The good news is that Voico Inc has introduced an incredibly amazing app that has completely changed the way individuals can communicate internationally. The app named Voico was updated of late on 26th May, 2016 making it to acquire exceptionally great qualities that make it unique. The interesting part is that Voico is able to provide a high quality and consistent connection of different regions across the world without any difficulties.

In order to boost operation of Voico app, the user will be required to have an internet access which can be facilitated either by data or connection to a Wi-Fi. Besides, the user is required to possess a phone that will allow seamless connection with the app in order to ensure that there is a free flow of calls.

The designers of this amazing app have also taken into account the aspect of language translation. This feature has been adopted to facilitate easy communication among the large number of users. Besides, it has adopted different languages that include Polish, English, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Russia and German.


The Compatibility of Voico App

This incredible app has been uniquely designed to work well on highly defined devices that are well compatible with it. This is meant to ensure that its performance remains stable all along its operation period. Such devices include iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Due to the high quality formation of these devices,. Voice app will always give the best to its users. In relation to the operating system, the best version for this app is iOS 7.0. Besides, any latest version can perform even much better when adopted.

How to Get Started With Voico App

At first, the user will be required to download this amazing app on App Store for free. The user can then proceed to register it with the aid of a contact number or via the email. Once the sign up is done, the app will be ready for use.

When it comes to operation, one will discover that is absolutely easy to understand the entire set up and start using the app. The interesting thing is that the phone are clear and of high quality. No network connection at all! This makes it easy to interact and get completely satisfied after the entire conversation. There are no hang up experienced since the communication is one-on-one with the intended party. Besides, the rates applied are relatively cheap thus making it the best option that can be adopted. It is just incomparable!

The following are unique features that the user will be exposed to while using Voico App:

No cost on video and phone calls

This is a unique feature that clearly implies the user can make such international calls without undergoing any related costs. Everything has been made affordable and accessible by Voico app. The only requirement for the user is to get a Wi-Fi or data connection. Free calls are also facilitated for the non-Voico users who may existing within Canada, Mexico and the United States.


Voicemail mode available

This a good option to leave the intended message in voice tone if the recipient is unreachable at that time. The message will be stored and delivered once the recipient accesses the voicemail platform.

Virtual Number setting

Apparently, the user can formulate a phone number which matches the codes of another country and use such a number to make communications to that country. Interestingly, the user may also get an incredible opportunity to access the low cost available there.

Establish conference calls

With the aid of Voico app, different individuals, friends, family members and business partners can interact perfectly at the same time. This is because this app allows up to 5 people to converge. In case there is a language barrier, the Translator feature can be perfectly be applied during the conference.

Group chats made easier

Individuals can come together and create a group or forum. It is always fun interacting with people whom one share common thinking and agendas. This is what Voico is facilitating!

Integrate a Phonebook

An individual can easily create a contact book on Voico to save all the numbers that have been used through international communication. Interestingly, other components that can be saved include different conversation recordings both for phone and video calls.

Below are the Pros and Cons that come out from the Voico App:


· Exhibit great performance in calls delivery

· Cheap calls save greatly on cost

· Easy and fast communication with friends

· High resolution video calls

· Future reference through recording calls


· Infrequencies in performance

· Not adoptable when no internet is available

Final Verdict

Clearly speaking, it is simply justifiable that Voico app is not only an exceptional app but also a recommendable one for use in making international calls. It has incorporated all features that make it outstanding and exhibit its great prowess in performance. Why not get it today for free and enjoy such free international calls? Download it today and get that experience too!

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