Everybody wants a piece of the world of internet and there have already been one billion bookings on the magic land. If you don’t have money, don’t worry as you can get your website for free. But if you really want someone else other than you to check it out, then you got to spend money before you can earn it back. But the problem comes when that money never comes back and it happens with almost every second website owner. The reason being simple: there are so many websites that the ratio of your success with respect to the rest of the world is smaller than almost anything in the world. First you have to attract customers that you can’t see and then make sure that they don’t go to any other shop when they’re standing right in the middle of the world’s biggest market. It’s difficult, isn’t it!

Well, there is a solution to every problem and we’ve got Hotjar ( for the one we discussed above. Hotjar is actually a group of solutions regarding different problems of yours and the biggest of them being obviously not to know anything about your visitors and their behaviour. So here we have Heatmaps which sound like Engineer’s tools but they are actually used to track the visitor’s behaviour such as the links they click, tap and how they scroll on a page. So if there’s some specific content on the page that the users like, you’d know about it.

Now suppose that you’re about to modify your website and change some features, but it would be injustice to your visitors if you do so without getting their suggestions. What if they don’t like the new website? There could be some features that are vital to your survival and you’re about to change them. So it’s better to take feedback from your visitors and what’s better than doing surveys. Create your own surveys and send them via email, web links or invite your visitors for the same before they finally leave your website forever. Moreover, you can ask them specific questions anytime while they’re visiting your website.

The UI of Hotjar is very impressive. The dashboard has it all that you need. You get full detailed analysis and reports on how your website is doing in different departments. Find the page which is most vulnerable for your visitors to take-off and improve it. Check out what your surveys have in store for you. Chat with your customers and there you have the root cause in your hand. Now, your only job left is to unplug it. I hope you can do so!

Hotjar is providing you with all the features that you most probably have to collect from different websites. What’s more interesting is their price. They are providing you everything for free up to their Beta period and an extra free month after that. If you like it, you can start paying $29/month from there on which is far more economical than you’d find anywhere else. So way to go for Hotjar!

Pros: intuitive UI; heatmaps; online surveys and feedback; analysis and report work; recruit user testers; proactive chat; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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