iPhone application development, a fast growing digital industry with numerous innovation. Hope its all because of the founder Steve Jobs, who passed away recently. Making app is much easy with development team, but making iphone app with competing stuff in market is a thing needs a  little work. Without proper marketing for your iphone application, you can not reach good position in your sales status. There are plenty of tips already shared by experts on online blogs, forums, communities and etc.

Here in this blog, I would like to share few important tips to market your iphone application. Hope it would be helpful for iphone app development companies and even freelancers who developing his very own iphone application.

Tips to Market iphone Applications:

1. First step, before making a iphone application, you need to do little research on that app. Always develop the app which is in need among people.
2. Title should be more attractive. Fix meaningful title to your app and do not imitate the popular application in your name.
3. Publish a press release for your application. It will bring your more exposure to your new app among plenty of new iphone app. Be sure on writing professional press release. It will brings you a good impression on your company.
4. If possible, Get a sponsor for your application. It is little difficult to get a sponsor if you are a freelancer.
5. Do write proper description about the game before submitting app to itunes store. Content should describe what is all your app about and if it is a game, it should simply explain the game play.
6. Create promotional video for your app and should publish it on various video submission sites like youtube, dailymotion and etc.
7. Create attractive tune to play with your promotional video of the app, it brings pleasant mood.
8. Create free trial to users and iphone experts. So that you can get valuable comments from them. Find such experts on iphone community forums and groups. Offer a possible promo codes.
9. Use social media to market your app. Facebook, twitter, buzz, google plus, myspace should be in your list.
10.  Ask your friends and relatives to share, retweet, and publish your app details on their profiles.
11. Use  iphone Application review sites and publish your iphone app to them via their form page. Review will get you more sales.
12.  Use Free classifieds ads section to market your iphone application. It will show the good results on google page.
13. Create separate blog section for your iphone application, update content and video related to your application. You can use wordpress and blogger free portals.
14. You can get user of PPC campaigns on google, yahoo and other private networks.
15. You can write a mini e-book regarding iphone app development and related things. Make it give away with your app links.
16.  You can create power point presentation about your application and publish it on your social networking profiles like linkedin and facebook.
17.  Buy ads space on iphone, ipad related blogs and websites. It will bring you good sales rate. But before buying ads space analyze the site quality.
18. Discuss about your iphone app and its feedback on iphone related forums.
19. Use google and yahoo groups to promote your iphone app, you can also create a separate group for your application.
20.  You can appear trade shows to market your app with roll-up banners.

These are very simple tips to market your iphone/ipad application. Do follow all possible ways to market your iphone app, soon your app will make good revenue.

Author Bio:

Article By Thirumalairajan,  Working as an Internet Marketing Executive for has Studios – iphone app developers and AJ Square Inc – Software Consultancy Services.