With the advent of iPhone, ’Apps’ is the word that is most commonly used among this generation. Gaming was most popular form of entertainment before ‘Apps’ took its place. The two types of Apps are default apps (the ones that perform the basic functions of iPhone / iPad / iPod etc.) and web apps (available on the web). One such iphone app is Mates360. The newest version, Mates360 1.2 has been released that is 4.1MB and compatible with iOS 4.3 and above. It can be directly installed on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch provided they have internet or EDGE. With this application you can create circles of friends and the apps that they use, rate apps and share them with each other.

Smooth Navigation:

The icon itself indicates ‘circles’ since circles are always 360 degrees. Once you click on the icon in Home screen, four options are present on the tool bar below. ‘My Apps’ shows a list of apps present on your mobile along with a brief description to it. It also contains the option to either like or dislike the app and ‘assign to circle’. Which means that like / dislike is made visible to your friends circle.

The second option ‘Mates’ displays a list of all your friends in the circle. You can maintain different friend lists grouped into different circles e.g. friends, family, colleagues etc. On clicking on each, reveals a list of apps the particular person has got and the like / dislike info. If you find any app that is interesting, then you too can download it by clicking on ‘Get App’.

Third option is ‘Circles’ that displays your different circles. Modification of these circles of friends is done here. And fourth option ‘Invite’ enables you to invite friends to this app.

Extremely accessible by all:

This app is developed by Jonathan Friese who is a regular app maker. He is available on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It is available for $1.99 in iTunes. As per Apple’s regulations this program has also got a promo code, known to a select few, that enables you to download it for a trial before actually installing it. This ensures user satisfaction for this program that can be evaluated by Apple.

Easy installation:

When you install this app it asks for your phone number since it is the common number that connects your phone to your friends. The ‘Mates’ list in this app is mutually synced with its respective contacts in the address book. Whenever you want to download any of your friend’s app, you will be redirected to iTunes store. You will not be able to directly download it from your friend’s phone as of now.

A Note-Worthy App:

Mates360 is a fun ios app that helps in social networking and can also give a good measure of the popularity of every app. Whenever you find a new app on the market you can review it from your friends before using it and if it turns out to be interesting you can install it immediately. It is totally dependent on your friend circles and how tech savvy your friends are. Also it requires your friends too to use this app to maximize usability of Mates360.

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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