If you’ve ever been in the business line and especially online business, you must be well informed about invoices. It is used in almost every industry because they are secure, they can be stored as records and they are very easy to be used. It is the simplicity of using invoices that attracts users globally. For example, if you’re selling your services from America in Japan then first you create an estimate of the total amount and send it to the purchaser. This way the buyer also comes to know the total amount he will be charged as well as the prices for different items as decided. This also comes handy in case there is any conflict later that you can show what was the deal before. Payment gateways like PayPal, Moneybookers,, etc. are there in case the payments are inter-national.

Now the reason we’re discussing about Invoices is that we today have a website that allows you to send invoices to your customers readily and comes with a lot of other handy features. The website is They deal with all the issues related to invoices from creating one to sending them and managing all your statistics and reports.

But you might be wondering that almost all gateways have their own invoice services for free, then why would you opt for this service. The reason is that first if you’re receiving payments from more than 1 gateway, then this service has all of them under one roof. Then, they also offer customized invoice services where you can customize the invoice as per your requirements to give it a unique and signature look. This is very important in case you want to mark an impression on your clients. No longer do you want to go with the traditional way of professionalism. You have to invent your own and that’s what they do it for you.

As you login to your account, the dashboard look really neat, clean and intuitively designed. You can see the status of all your projects and the tasks assigned to you which have been completed or still left to be done. The best thing is that you have all the reports and statistics of your past 6 months of activity so that you may know if still there are any overdue invoices left or not. You can also save the information of all your clients and recurrent invoices are also available in case the client is regular and permanent. You can also keep track of your time spent on each task and generate a corresponding invoice. This is very valuable in case of hourly service rates.

The services are available for free as well as paid. For free accounts, you get unlimited invoices but no staff and limited space for documentation. While paid plans are available for $19.95-$99.95 with different features varying such as staff members, clients and add-ons. But you can always try their paid plans for free for the first month and even then switch back to the free plan.

Pros: customized invoices; reports and statistics of past 6 months; different payment gateways; free account available, 12% off on yearly plans.

Cons: none.

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