If you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano, without expensive lessons, you should take full advantage of technology.  Not only can you find Youtube videos and music sheets, you can also play along with the music to get the right timing.  Online Pianist takes it five steps further by incorporating everything on an animated website.  How does it work?  Just search any song and you will instantly have a virtual piano on your computer screen.  The piano keys will light up and you can put your computer on the piano in order to learn the keys to your favorite song.

Not only does Online Pianist contain the biggest song collection, it also has classical as well as new songs that are or were number one on the billboard charts.  The famous classical songs include Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, Mozart, Beethoven and others.  The list just gets bigger and bigger as well as the free classical music sheets.  What looks great about this application is that one can easily choose to play with his or her left hand, right hand or both and the piano will automatically color each side.  Choosing one hand will help you to get the timing right for when you’re ready to play with both hands.

Signing up on the website is really easy and it takes a click of a link if you want to link it with your Facebook account.  Your free account gives you seven days of full access to the library of songs, sheets and you can even request your favorite song if you cannot find it.  This is a pianists dream made into reality and there are many more options to what you can do with this virtual piano.  You can easily set the metronome for every song, which helps you with your timing.  You can also choose the option to have every note appear on the keys being played, so that you can associate it with the music sheet, if you have it.

In fact, the application is so great that songs that have piano written all over it are easily enjoyable by people who don’t know how to play the piano.  While some songs may not have the right timing yet, they still have the right keys.  Aspiring pianists can easily use this application because they can manipulate the speed of the song in order to learn the order of the keys slowly.  If they want to work on a certain part from piano lessons , all they need to do is set the loop from A to B with the button shown while the song is playing.  You do not have to click too much or scroll on your computer, which is important when you’re trying to learn the songs with electronic music sheets.

Once your song is finished, you can choose to replay it or share it with your friends on Youtube or Twitter.  If you’re forming a music group, or if you know that your friend is an avid piano player, getting him or her premium access to this website can be the best decision you made when it comes to giving something that people will actually use.  Your song is divided by parts on the scrolling screen, so you can go back to the chorus if you like by just clicking on the part you like.  If you would like to zoom over to the keys that are being played, you can easily do so on Onlinepianist.  Their premium plan depends on how many months you will dedicate to learning through the website.  One year is only $47.95, six months is $29.95, three months is $18.95 and one month is just $9.95.

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