The uses of Microsoft excel in the business world are immense and include in project planning, metrics reporting, data storage and analysis. While the organization and sharing of data using excel by various professionals and businesses may be
generally, at a scale that is smaller, be convenient, it possesses its own considerable dangers. That is most true if it is used on a large scale and that the business using it manages data that is vital and sensitive.

There are three main disadvantages of excel which are that scaling is a challenge, not secure, keeping track of information is hard and of course it is error prone. For example, in terms of security, there are always high chances that you will attach and send an excel spreadsheet to an email address that is not approved. That can be unintentional and it can in the
end compromise prized assets of your company.

In terms of difficulties in scaling excel, it takes a lot of time and effort to be able to maintain the excel documents. This would in a great way negatively impacts on efficiency and productivity of the business. Data sharing in real-time and update related notifications are not supported. This limits the ability of teams to be able to work in a well thought-out manner in effecting any change or action that is required.

It is because if the disadvantages of Excel spreadsheet that we have a solution in the form of OPSLAB WEBAPP. Through the use of the application, you will be able to create ad-hoc applications and data warehouses for your specific business without having to code.


Simple to design and create applications and surveys and web forms among others as that is done without coding which is a technical topic. You simply drag and drop with a form builder.

Adding databases is also simple and that is achieved with only 1 click. Through the drag and drop function you will be able to import excel spreadsheet data.

Storage of files including backup and large video or audio files is possible for processing and scrutiny that may be needed later.

With OPSLAB, scaling or normalization of data is possible. You have control of your data.

There is the security of data. There are various industry standards of security that come with using this app including password

Information is up to date. If any change is effected by a data then every authorized user will be able to know of that.

Scheduling of consultations is possible in case that you have a problem that needs a solution from us and that can be done online. You will provide details concerning you, name and email address, timeline and budget and details about the project.

In conclusion, I scoured every source to try and find any cons of the app and did not find any that is meaningful. And also considering the various pros that the app offers, it is definitely one of the options to prefer and I recommend in case that you have encountered excel spreadsheet problems aforementioned. Furthermore, there is a demo provided concerning the functioning of the OPSLAB WEBAPP, how to transform excel files into web apps,on the official website to be able to understand the workings of the app better.

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