Raah is a real time vehicle tracking web application that runs on the iPhone Safari web browser.  This iPhone web application derives the location services from the iPhone, to monitor and update the number of GPS coordinates captured during the users’ session and also reports the speed in miles or kilometers.

Raah Features:

Real Time tracking, 10 second updates: To ensure a long battery life for the iPhone, the developer has optimized the tracking of the vehicle for every 10 seconds.

Speed and Location Alerts:  Once you start tracking the vehicle, the speed, coordinate count and location will be updated automatically.

Mobile optimized web site for tracking on the go:  Raah is used to not only track the miles covered by the vehicle, but also to produce a report and send via email to cab companies that ensures that the cab driver doesn’t overcharge the customers.

How do I track with my iPhone?

Your iPhone will not lock when Raah is running and is free to use too. Before you try to login to this site, you have to ensure that cookies are enabled and the From Visited and location services are set to ‘on’. After logging in, you have to click the ‘start tracking’ button to get the screen shot of the web application. At any given time, if you want to stop the tracking, you can click the ‘stop tracking’ button.

How do I monitor in real time?

Once you Login to this site from another desktop or mobile browser, a console page will display the vehicle being tracked in real time and will show you the route and speed limit to its left side. The exact location is displayed on the map to its right. After familiarizing with the console page, you can click the ‘alert’ button to set up speed alert. You can also choose the name of the user for whom you want to set an alert, present at its left side. When any of the users are close to the location or crossing a speed limit you will be notified by mail. Markers can be dragged to adjust the location. You can also share your location with friends and family.

What you can use this app for?

Driving: While driving, the app enables friends or family to be monitored in real-time on a mobile or desktop browser.
Kids:  When your kid is driving alone, you can set up location alerts and speed alerts in real-time using Raah to actively track your kid’s location and speed limit. The site is optimized for smart phones and works well with Firefox on Android and Safari on the iPhone.
Business:  If you run a business with your trucks/vehicles on the road, you can use this app to monitor the location, speed, route, arrival and departure time of the vehicle through a mail notification.
School buses:  All the parents with whom the location is shared will be able to set up an alert to monitor the school bus.

The benefits of Raah are most enjoyed by iPhone4 and the iPhone4S users as it supports both tracking and real-time monitoring as compared to Android users where the Firefox browser supports real-time monitoring rather than tracking. The users of Blackberry are yet to realize the benefits of Raah as the application is not supported by its browser.

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Download Link :   Official Website of Raah