What better way to finish a road trip with your kids than to take them to have some fun?  Play Places is one of those applications that all parents should have.  Instead of looking through your GPS and typing in all the possible places like McDonalds, Burger King, Chick-A-Fil or Chuck-e-Cheese, all you need to do is open this application and it will instantly show you a list of places in your area.  In order to have this feature, you must have your GPS enabled on your Android device.

While other applications that contain GPS usually malfunction while you change the view from vertical to horizontal mode, Play Places can be used and switched to horizontal mode without freezing or malfunctioning.  In fact, most free applications that start out tend to have bugs unless you have a decent developer who keeps on adding updates for free while taking suggestions from users.  Play Places may not be free, but it is a start when it comes to applications that actually work towards making your life easier.

While you may already be looking for the nearest place to eat, your kids may complain that they have no place to play in.  Play Places makes sure to find only the best places to eat, rest, go to the bathroom or to have fun in.  Some establishments may go out of business, specially these days that the economy isn’t rock solid.  So how do you go a step forward to avoid stressful situations?  Play Places gives you the places on your map as icons.  Each icon contains the restaurant or play place logo and, once you select the closest one, you have a telephone number that you can use to reach the place in order to see if they’re still open.

If you would like to call the place in advance, all you need to do is tap on the number, and your Android will make the call directly.  There is nothing better than having peace of mind and over 7000 play places in the US to choose from.  If you already packed healthy food for your kids or if you would like a more traditional setting, all you need to do is pick out one of the 2000 rest areas of the US which include play places as well as restrooms.

Play Places is an app that promotes fitness among kids of different ages and every parent should have this on their Android device in order to maintain them in shape and reward them for their efforts.  Even if you go on to Chuck-e-Cheese, you can make sure that they will dance, run and play and you will have some time to sip on your favorite fountain drink and watch them stay active.  With new technology these days like iPods, iPads and consoles like the Xbox360 and the Play Station, you need to control the amount of time that it takes for them to play games.

Would you rather have them playing a game that contains violence or would you have them run around and play where you can supervise whatever it is that they do?  The Play Places app is not affiliated with any of these establishments shown above and just acts as a tool to help you keep your hands on the wheel instead of looking through your GPS on your Android to see if you find something.  It promotes safety, health and it’s only worth $2.99 on the Android Marketplace.  It is better to prevent headaches than to actually have to look for this application later on.

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