When you want to make it to the game last minute, and you need to purchase the tickets in advance, you can now use your Android device to buy your tickets.  Sports Tickets allows you to purchase tickets  for any sporting event, which helps you when you don’t want to do any long lines.  If we would want to purchase tickets in advance, what is the difference between buying them from Sports Tickets and buying them at the arena.  By the time you get there, the gas you spend and the lines you make to purchase your tickets, you may already have made a decent investment of time and money.  In the past year, Braveheart Sports Network has sold over twenty thousand tickets all over the globe!  Braveheart sports was founded in 2007 with their Soccer Tickets Online website.  Since then, their mission is to provide you with a faster and easier way to purchase your tickets for your favorite sports teams.  Braveheart Sports Ticket has been mentioned on the BBC World Football Show before the Champions League Final.

With Sports Tickets, you get a guarantee that you will have your tickets delivered until kickoff or opening pitch.  You may also be questioning that you can purchase your tickets through websites.   These websites may not really have the options you’re looking for when it comes to selecting the right tickets for NBA, MLS , MLB or NHL.  The difference between Sports Tickets and other websites is that, using your Android device, you can easily find tickets near your area through GPS as long as you have it enabled.

You also have the advantage that, if you have internet on your network on your Android, you can easily look for and purchase your tickets faster than having to get your computer out or to look for a place with a computer or a decent internet connection.  Using your computer to make payments can lead to identity theft if you’re at a public place.  Cellphones are more private when it comes to safety and this option is definitely the best you can make when it comes to purchasing tickets.

You can easily place your order through Sports Tickets or you can easily dial the number automatically from the application.  Your information is safe and encrypted, so that you can purchase again and again without having to input all your information again.  You can easily select where you can sit by choosing: price, row, section or quantity of seats available for the event.   Whether you live on the United States or Canada, you will always have venues to purchase tickets.  If you live on another location, just change it through the settings.

If you would like to find tickets within the same week, you can filter your search results by choosing “This Week” on Sports Ticket.  Since the application is fairly new, only two users have rated this application.  Both reviewers gave this app a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, which is pretty good if you start searching for other ticket apps.  If you look for android ticket applications, you usually find ones that are rated at three or even two stars on the market while others don’t have tickets for every event.  This application is fast, easy to use and will eventually have concert tickets as well as theatre tickets eventually, since the options are already in the main menu for Sports Tickets.  Overall, Sports Ticket is a good application for ticket purchases, it’s fast and it’s free, so take advantage of it and you will not regret it.

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