Recruiting can be a very difficult process, from publishing jobs to screening candidates and then hiring the right one. Resfly gives solution to all these. It is a job publishing web app which allows you to post jobs to multiple job boards and keeping track of the jobs you have posted very efficiently.

Using Resfly is extremely simple. As you sign up for a Resfly it helps you to post your job by filling the pre set fields which are; what sort of job you want to post, your industry, the salary and asking you to give a job description. You also get free career portal for your company. This is again very easy to customize. You can design your portal by choosing the themes provided and simply uploading your logo and the description and location of your company. Resfly gives you the option to connect to social networking sites such as twitter and linked in so, if you create a job your profile is automatically updated there too. When you are posting a job you can add screening questions, which gives you a better idea of the applicants. You can choose how you want these questions answered i.e. written response, in form of multiple answers ( off course you have to provide the responses) or a video response, which gives you a chance to actually see the applicant. The analytics section helps you to keep track of the jobs you have posted and the number of people viewing and responding to your posts. Resfly doesn’t just help you with posting jobs; it actually assists you with the whole recruiting process.

Resfly comes from people who have prior experience in designing applicant tracking system. Resfly is intuitive and simple to use. Most of the tasks require three to four screens to be completed. Whenever somebody responds to your job post you get an email notification. You can view the candidate’s resume through Resfly’s embedded resume viewer. You don’t have to go through the hassle of handling papers or forwarding emails to the people in your HR. Resfly not only makes the recruiting process paper free but also makes it much quicker. Resfly enables collaboration between teams and the hiring teams can review the application through a centralized system. Resfly also gives you the option of video interviewing. It gives you the option to add ‘internal notes’ to any jobs you have posted, which you do not want to share with the public display. Another feature is that Resfly allows you to edit any jobs which you have posted earlier and as the data is forwarded to the job portals it is automatically updated.

Resfly is an excellent software. It speeds up the hiring process, and is the need of the day for today’s just-in-time business processes. It quickens the whole hiring process and is extremely easy to use. Resfly is definitely value for money and an ideal choice for small firms; as it provides all the functionality a small to medium sized firm might require.

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