Do you want to reduce the time your supervisors and managers spend creating the work schedule?Hello Scheduling is software that assists employees, supervisors and managers to efficiently manage shift, manage their time-offs, swapping of the shifts and much more. Hello Scheduling is the software that will help you carry out employee scheduling in an effective way.  This software can be efficiently used for companies having 20 or more employees.

Features and Benefits

  • The web app allows you to assign employees to shifts. You can easily monitor the employee’s breaks and time offs in a more efficient way. The app doesn’t allow you to schedule work for the employees who have time off during a specific shift.
  • You can use this as a web app without the need for installing any software.
  • After you set the schedule, the app will automatically send emails to the employees informing them about their schedules just by clicking the publish button.
  • Hello Scheduling also allows you to contact your employee’s directly from the app. You can send a text or email regarding any important information.
  • There is also an option to leave special notes for specific employees when you are working with the schedules.
  • You can upload files that employees need to access for their work. There is also an option to control the files each employee can view.
  • Hello Scheduling helps you ensure that you schedule all the shifts and breaks in accordance with labor laws.
  • The dashboard feature allows you to keep track of all information in a single place.
  • The time sheet feature is an attractive option in this app that allows the employee to record his or her time through a time sheet and then submit the same to their managers for approval. This is also very useful for payroll processing.
  • You can create a report for the payroll and it helps in reducing the labor costs, because you can keep track of the costs while you are scheduling work for your employees.
  • Hello Scheduling helps the companies to reduce their costs and draw out efficient labor budgets.
  • A multiple view option lets users view their scheduling information for a particular day, month or also based on specific shifts.


Hello Scheduling is a very effective employee scheduler that will help managers keep track of all essential information and fix schedules without spending much time on the phone. You can try this app in the free trial mode and then decide to buy it; it has a variety of interesting plans and pricing options.

Good – The app is very easy to use with which you will not miss out on any information.

Bad – The app is more expensive than some of its competitors; however, as a result, Hello Scheduling provides great support.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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