Downtweet is a service provided to help you read more blogs as well as tweets from new websites, newspapers or people.  Sharing and browsing the internet is a useful tool and Downtweet helps you maximize the effect of Twitter’s purpose.  When you open the page, you will see many widgets along with live feeds of tweets by category.  These widgets make it easier for you to see everything from one page, without having to switch from one category to another and without refreshing the page.  Downtweet allows you to switch these categories in order to appeal to your favorite things.  For example: If you’re into sports, you can easily add a sports feed that will ask you if you want to see news from the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA or your favorite sports team.

Whether you like many sports or just two, you can customize what you really want to see instead of having to search within your widget.  Even if you use the search bar on your widget, you will be able to find what you’re looking for, as long as they fall under that category.  Bloggers and websites can easily benefit from Downtweet in order to generate more traffic.  The process is simple, just embed a widget into your website, which is given by Downtweet and voila!  Now people can instantly view your blog and read important news and tweets from things related to your blog, which will probably have them coming for more later on.

Even if you aren’t quite familiar with Twitter, you don’t have to have it to view all the tweets posted under each category.  Whether you like artists, sports, actors, actresses, TV shows or any other category that is listed on Downtweet, you can instantly view them.  People who do have a Twitter account can also view their follower’s posts and tweet feed from the same page.  We remind you that you don’t need to refresh the feed like you would in Twitter, the widgets auto-refresh themselves.  Posts that you read can either from a few hours to seconds, so the widget and the webpage work!  If you’re still dubious about this website and how it can help you out, you need to open your mind to new things.

If you like technology and you’ve been reading the same blogs, you may miss some great news which were posted by another technology blog.  If you have them both on your widget, you can instantly get more information in a short amount of time.  Remember that you aren’t searching for that specific blog anymore and it could be useful in the future.  This website is absolutely free to use and it has no annoying ads to close, which is something that is a bit annoying when you’re visiting websites.  Navigation is a breeze because you only have one page to look at and you can add widgets for basically everything on Twitter that you like.

If you’re category isn’t listed or if you want to make a new category based on the people, blogs, actors or anyone else that you follow, you can easily create that category by adding a name and the people you’re going to follow.  If you would like to see funny, clever and other types of tweets, there are also various links to look for them.  Everything really depends on what you want to do with Downtweet.  The best way to know if you will like this website is by trying it out yourself, without any sign-ups required.  The application is a good idea turned into reality, which will turn into a widely used tool once people spread the word.

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Web App Link :   DownTweet Official Website