Way.com is the leading vertical car platform, with 5.5 million drivers discovering high-quality car services in one location. Way, ranked #48 on a16z’s Marketplace 100: 2021 list of the world’s private companies, believes car ownership should be affordable for all Americans.

Customers saved millions of dollars in 2021 thanks to the #1 car super app’s tech-forward approach, as they signed up for the best auto insurance and parking rates in-app in seconds. The car services marketplace also locates and reserves the best parking, connects customers with the best car washes in the area, provides the best auto refinance rates, and has partnered with thousands of parking locations, car washes, and hundreds of insurance carriers across all 50 states.

Way.com, a car-related app, introduces an EV feature.

Way.com has announced the launch of its electric vehicle (EV) charging feature in the Way App as part of its mission to simplify car ownership and become an all-in-one resource for anyone who drives. 5.5 million Drivers have discovered high-quality car services in one location since its inception. The number one auto super app now offers more features to help users simplify — and even enjoy — driving.

Users can enter a specific location or allow the platform to access their location to find EV charging stations nearby, just like they can with the App’s current system for finding parking or car washes. Currently, there are 40,000 EV charging stations available across the country. Filters are also available to narrow down options by considering other details. Filtering options include:

  • Distance
  • Power for Charging
  • Access
  • Price Options
  • Hours of Operation

Each charging station has its own profile in the App, where users can check in, leave reviews and read other people’s thoughts. Furthermore, images, detailed pricing, exact addresses, access instructions, and amenities are available to help the driver decide which location is the best fit. The ability to reserve charging stations ahead of time will be functional later this year.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who downloads the Way App, whether commuting or travelling on a more extended trip, can say goodbye to endless EV charging searches and hello to convenience from an app they’ve already grown to love and trust.

WEB APP: https://www.way.com/