I suggest giving Megopoly a try if you are in the passionate mood for a special game this weekend with a good emphasis on game plans. Primarily it’s a multiplayer online board game that you play in a web browser preferably Chrome. In addition it plays on any device such as a mobile phone, tablet or pc, so long as it has a web browser and internet connection.

This is a perfect multiplayer board game in where you buy up properties by investing in them, and then collect rent from all those that land on the spaces of the properties you have invested in. Moreover there is no end to the game; it’s always online and ongoing, like an MMO. The main goal of the game is to make strategic investments, that permit you to earn more, which in turn allows you invest in more and become a virtual real estate investment tycoon – or, you can take your earning and exchange them for Amazon gift codes and get real life rewards.

Interestingly the game credits you with 100,000 credits to start, and allows you to exchange in game earnings into Amazon gift codes – once you reach 1,000,000. The game literally rewards players with real life items they choose. So the more you play, and the better you play, the more you can earn. In order to play you can go to playmegopoly.com and sign up as a new user. There is no need of credit card, just an (e) mail and password to sign up. After that you create a player name and begin playing.

What Makes So Special About Megopoly

Presence of Avatars

You can play along with thousands of other online players as you navigate a giant game board that simulates different cities with shared property ownership. It is illustrated that each player gets to pick out their own Avatar to represent their individual style. You have few to choose from and new ones become available through bonus spaces on the board, its fun to collect them all.

Perfect Game Currency

It is illustrated that the coins are the primary currency in Megopoly, and as you collect enough coins while playing the game, you can exchange them for Amazon gift codes. To get coins, you need to invest in various properties and collect rent from other players who land on your properties. As you begin the game, you will be getting bonus airdrops that could be used for investing and paying rent and tolls. Always earn additional airdrops for playing daily and for in-game purchases.

Available of Districts

The game takes place in a global map consisting of a series of Districts. Each District is a unique area with its own economy filled with properties and landmarks you can invest in. When other players land on your investment properties you earn coins which be used to get more properties in game, or they can be exchanged for Amazon Gift codes in which you can get real life rewards.

Salient Features of Megopoly

Play Anywhere

You can play virtually anywhere you have an internet connection.

Persistent world

Megopoly is a virtual city that continues to develop even when you are offline. Your gameplay continues as other players engage in the gameplay and interact with properties.

Massively Multiplayer

In Megopoly, the number of players is unlimited.

Dynamic Economy

Megopoly players invest, share the wealth, and prosper together.  As players earn in-game currency, they can exchange for Amazon Gift Codes which allow them to get whatever they want.

Final Thoughts

Everything is done professionally well as you uncover many salient features in Megopoly which just show or enumerate how much care was put into the game app during development.