With ToDesktop the users can install their web app or website to their computer and launch it from the same place as other desktop apps on Windows, Mac and Linux. The users who download desktop app are more active than existing users and they have reduced churn rate as a result.

ToDesktop uses a technology called Electron. So you don’t need Electron or even coding experience to develop a desktop app with ToDesktop. The rest assured with the underlying browser engine is updated regularly through auto-updates. Thereby the desktop version of your app will always have the latest web features available.

They sign your desktop app with EV Microsoft Authenticode and Apple Gatekeeper certificates. More importantly code signing is super-important because your app downloads and installs without warning dialogs.

What’s Special About ToDesktop ?

Your app would regularly auto-update to ensure the underlying browser is always up to date. In addition this is how they deliver performance improvements, security patches, and additional features to your app.

Moreover you’ll get a customised installer for Windows, Mac and Linux. We even provide a magic link you can send your users which will detect their operating system and download the most up to date version of your app.

ToDesktop will professionally detect your icon and colours when you give it your web app’s URL. No need to worry you can edit them if don’t get it right. You can edit your app’s icon and the window frame UI. The good part is that you can see exactly what your desktop app will look like before you click the build button.

It is enumerated that every time your app launches it contacts the ToDesktop update server. If there is a newer version available then it gets downloaded automatically. Primarily the user gets a notification that the new version will be installed the next time that they open the app.

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WEB APP – https://www.todesktop.com/