Meditation is a technique which takes time for grasping and requires some solace to perform it purposefully. Its sole purpose is to relax your mind and calm it down as most of the problems are stress related. But it is very difficult to find such a place when there is so much happening around and it leaves no option but to join yoga classes or concern a specialist if it is some stress related problem which demands ample amount of time out of your busy schedule. But what if we tell you that there is another option available! Just put on your headphones and switch on to the tunes of Brainwaves that will blow away your mind.

Brainwaves T.U.S. is an android app that has been designed by Imoblife. The app is more likely a tune store where you’ll get many different music tunes that will help you to take your mind to a subconscious state for some time. The purpose of the tunes is not just one fold. The different tunes are meant for stress relief, confidence, meditation, energy, relaxation, lucid dreaming and much more. The tunes have been designed professionally with each one of them being catered to play a certain frequency combination that will affect a particular part of your brain positively.

The app is quite easy to operate. Just open the store and you will be taken to more than 80 tunes available. You can also check out for tunes of a specific category in the different categories section. While the app is free in Play Store, there are many in-app purchases available. A relaxation tune is provided for free as a sample. Otherwise, all other tunes are paid. However, there are free samples provided for each tune which is a short clip of 1 minute to first check out the quality and content. You can check out all the tunes that you have bought in the library section.

The user interface is innovative and a little bit different from the usual ones yet simple and easy to use. As far as the quality of the tunes is concerned, it is amazing. Each single beat is audible and recognizable and 320 Bit rate recordings are a pleasure to listen. They will drift your mind in minutes and drive it to a corner separated from the world. The developer’s guarantee for the tunes to be effective does not seems to be a bad bet. You can also register for the app for free and you’ll get 50 TUS credits free. Also, you’ll get 20% to 50% discount on all the specials.

The app is really very helpful and delivers everything that it promises. The value for money for this app is probably 9 out of 10. The tunes are good and you can get your money back if you do not feel it to be worth. You would not notice the difference between the different tunes in the starting but soon you will praise the effect.

Pros:  good quality music, 80+ tunes available, value for money.

Cons:  more tunes free of cost could be included.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *  *

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