As technology makes life simpler, users are depending on it for more and more things in life today. As consumers are getting involved in the process of digital home-movie making, it is not a surprise that a surge of easy video-editing software is beginning to enter the market. MovieShop- Magic video editor and blender with millions of effects, is an iOS app that falls under this niche and has been dominating it too.


Imagining editing an entire movie on your iOS device seemed like an impossible task once. This is just what television and movie producers have been doing for years now and we have been awestruck by their work. With MovieShop, this has been made a reality and with ease. To begin with, you have to shoot a video of any length on your phone and then move ahead with the editing process immediately. You can trim it to include only the best parts of your video as well.

MovieShop’s user interface is commendable for its design and layout. It includes a storyboard, a timeline and a huge preview window. The movies you create can be saved to various popular formats and then saved on to a device such as a videotape, CD or DVD. You can also choose to publish it on the web.


You cando so much to your own video. This includes trimming, copying and merging other video clips into one. The app allows you to add sound effects. These sound effects can be picked from a range of tunes from your iTunes or iPod. Once you have what you need, you can trim out the parts of the video that you do not like or any bad clips. You can then add music, edit the video and get a new movie in place in no time at all.

You can show off your video editing skills to all your friends and family through various social media networks like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This is a nice way to get opinions on your work and also be recognized for your skills by everyone you know.


What makes this app stand out is the set of features that allow you to do so much to your video. In addition, it comes with a simple and easy to use interface. It can be used by anyone ranging from a video editing amateur to a film making company. All the essentials are available and so are the advanced tools. There are so many amazing tools provided by this app that you would only see with professionals otherwise.

The app shows you a preview of all the changes you make in real time, making the editing process all the more fun and exciting. The app works well with many effects too. MovieShop can be downloaded from the App store for $1.99 at present. It requires iOS 8.0 or later versions and is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. If you have some videos to edit, this app is what you need.

Good: Video-editing tools

Bad: None

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