Getting connected to the loved ones who reside abroad or even to different business all over the world through phone calls can be really expensive. This is especially where one may opt to use the internet platform in order to facilitate such calls. Sometimes an individual might be exposed to difficulties and hassles before the phone call is ultimately connected. This in turn increases the cost incurred and making most individuals opt to ignore such channel of communication.

Interestingly, with the launch of incredibly amazing app called Rebtel, international calls now have been made too much easier. Apparently, users can now communicate across different countries without the need to connect to an internet platform. To make it much better, these calls are now facilitated both for landlines and mobile devices with the aid of this app.


Designed and developed by Rebtel Communication, Rebtel app was last updated on 3rd May, 2016 to incorporate upgraded features that make it more efficient. With a top rating of 4+, this incredible app has proven to meet the customers’ demands and even exceed their expectations.

Compatible devices for Rebtel App

Actually, this app has been designed in a manner that it works efficiently on the android devices. Besides, its operation in different android gadget varies depending on the type and formation from the manufacturer. It also come along with different interactive elements that enables it to work efficiently, for instance, Digital Purchases, Shares Info and Users Interact.


Functionality of Rebtel App

Surprisingly, this amazing app operates pretty easy and one will find it simple to make use it. At first, Rebtel app performs a great task of connecting the user to different lines both locally and in international levels. This not only saves on time but also ensures that one’s call is attended to in the best way possible. No hanging up of calls from receptions at all!

Features Included

With great formation from its designers, Rebtel app has integrated distinct features that will make an international call worth making. They include:


Internet-free calls across boarders

This is one amazing feature that makes connection way too fast and in a direct way. All the bad responses that could have been witnessed (like hang up calls) are not experienced. Rebtel ensures that communication is clear and of high quality without the aid of the internet.

Best affordable call deals

Rebtel is an app that has enhanced efficient international calls at a relatively cheaper rate. This makes it easy for different users to access high quality calls in a cost effective way. There is always the aspect of saving the extra dollar with Rebtel!

Fixed Price World Credits

Sometimes the calls may be engaging to a point that one may opt to talk much. Rebtel has created a platform where users can access different World Credits where call rates remain unchanged for different countries. There is also the unlimited call option (Country Unlimited) that allows one to make all the required calls without restrictions.

Rebel Calling

This another latest feature that has been incorporated within the Rebtel app. For now, users can enjoy making free calls using this feature. By the end of the year, it is expected to be upgraded and users will be required to pay only $1/ month. This will enable one to make calls (unlimited in nature) across the entire globe. What will be required is to for one to have installed the newly expected Rebel Calling app.

Latest Features in Rebtel App

Interestingly, the newly updated version of Rebtel has taken into account bug fixes, feature to invite and acquire new contacts after calls, great security details (especially for credit cards), different labels for contacts, validating codes using SMS and an onboard platform for newly incoming Rebel callers.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons identified in Rebtel App


· Absolutely cost-effective to use

· Amazing unlimited package plans

· High quality voice capture

· Safe to make world credit purchases

· Simple and efficient to use


· Sometimes it incur problems connecting to server

· Concentrates more on international calls than local

· Premium package are a bit costly


In summary, Rebtel is an amazing app that has made international calls accessible in a pretty simple manner. It has taken great consideration in giving customer the best services at an affordable rate, and in a convenient manner. This makes it a perfect app worth downloading for free. Why not get it from Google Play now and enjoy amazing calls? Do it now!

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