We all have endless number of apps to organize all our routine tasks in our day to day lives. The list of apps include Calendars, event organizers, task managers, document management apps, shopping list organizers and the list goes on and on. Imagine having a single app which will enable us to do all the above mentioned tasks and much more! LifeTopix is the idyllic solution to achieve maximum productivity; this app is an all round organizational app. This app is created and launched by Light Arrow Inc. for the iPad and iphone users. The app needs iOS 5.0 or the later version for it to be compatible. LifeTopix app strikes a perfect balance between the simplicity, user friendliness and the power of operation which contributes to tremendous increase in the productivity of an individual. You can do the simplest thing such as setting a reminder to the most complex task of organizing a wedding with this powerful app. The aim of this app is to help its users to achieve outstanding results with minimal efforts when it comes to planning and organizing.

LifeTopix app enables the users to perform things at a faster pace and in a very effective and efficient manner. The users will have all the information in their fingertips; they can manage their finance, monitor their health, and maintain their online documents, bill payments and many more with the help of LifeTopix. This organizer helps you to organize anything which you think and hence the app is named as LifeTopix. The app offers great value to the users. The help menu in the app provides an overview of all the functionalities in the app.


  • The app has a very detailed layout which can be easily understood by anyone who uses this app.
  • The app has 12 topics under which you can organize almost everything. The topics include Tasks and projects, shopping, events, people and services, health and life style, people and services, home and assets, finance, media, education, Online services, notes and files.

  • The users can also link these sections where the tasks / projects / events can be linked to many categories such as hobbies, media and many more.
  • The app also provides the iCloud storage and access facilities. The users can also work with other applications such as Drop box, Mobile Me, Ever note and also be connected through the social networks.
  • The slide out bars helps the users to navigate back and forth within the app with great ease.


LifeTopix is one stop solution for all the organizational functionality that one needs for their daily lives. This app is worth more than its value. The app can be purchased from iStore for $ 0.99 and this is a promotional price for a short duration of time. Download the app and enjoy the comfort of efficient organization!

Good – The app provides an extraordinary value for money.

Bad – The users will face difficulty in using the app initially due to the vastness of the app.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *  *

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