This persuasive app is considered to be the potent Social Networking Game where you can adore and rule your own floating island in the sky called ‘Flotia’ with your friends. This potent app is regarded to be the brand new version where more rich contents with new quests are exposed here in this expedient app. Thus you can communicate easier with your friends in Nest.

With this discreet app you can find and view rain effect in your Flotia as well. They also have unique concept of a floating island, no more square blocks. It is regarded as the potent and contemplative game play through building and controlling your own floating island. It is also possible that it can Co-op game play through social interaction professionally.

This expedient app includes several savors like roads and fences, new decorations and more than 130 new buildings to develop your Flotia more trendsetting. They also have potent social network with your friends thus permitting for more rewards and adoring of friends’ farms and fruit trees. So it can protect them from being stolen from other users. Thus it is possible to save them by using defense items. It can control and expand your own Flotia by farming, building, decorating and actively communicating with your friends. Thus you can rain to fertilize your farm. They have potent and unique concepts of NPC and their reactions, raining through a cloud, and Castle & Territory upgrade system.

This discreet app includes unique mobile social gaming platform to find your friends. They have got national information shown on Nest list. You can easily check the friends from the same nation also. It is possible to send messages and posting to boards which increase your intimacy with your friends. They are connected to Facebook where you can post message to Facebook wall and find friends by searching Facebook. Eventually by this persuasive app the global users are much assuaged with several savors.

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