If you are excited and enthusiast for a entertaining time as this frog is for flies, then it’s time to grab your iPhone and play this amazing cogent app. You can simply download this and get addicted with potent arcade adventure to play through hundreds of levels of mentally engaging, haste paced catapult puzzles right away with all entertainments powered on this expedient app.

This persuasive app is a cogent kinetic new phone arcade title that takes proven game play elements from legendary mobile classics and other familiar catapult adventures. It professionally blends them with an amazing frog and flies theme, a unique potent narrative, and enthusiast new scenarios. The professional players control a small team of frogs, using a leaf as a catapult to shoot them across each level and smash every bug they view.

It is not that facile though. You can come across clever bugs, and if gamers adore to their frogs to smash all of them and achieve victory they will have to break through their fortress-like hiding places. It is straightforward to play; this potent game is anything but a one-trick pony. Generally the players are provided with a full two hundred and fifty diverse and unique levels to play through. These levels are split up into ten different scene packs, each set in a different location, and each with different challenges meant to keep players engaged even as they become more proficient at propelling frogs from leaf to fly.

There is always many ways for a good time to kill a minute on your iPhone. But now with this expedient app the players can start getting in on the action for free. Eventually it serves good for the global users as amazing app.

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Fantastic levels, amazing you have to check the night scene !!! Wow  – Review by Wesrtfv ( itunes store buyer of this game)

Nice play on your phone  –  Download the Game