Have you ever wondered before killing a lizard about how much dangerous it can be if one of its friends watches you murdering it and calls its grandparents, The Dinosaurs! We don’t think that much right? We even don’t know who our ancestors are clearly. But it’s a good thing to have knowledge about anything and when we are surrounded by many of those small Roly-Polies, I think it’s worthy if we get to know them better. At least that’s what being asked by the developers of this new Android app called Isopod.


This new app Isopod has recently made it to the market. It is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.3.3 or later version of the OS. The app is a Roly Poly Science game but then you must be thinking of why the name Isopod, aren’t you? Then let me clear your basics first that Isopod is the family to which these insects belong. Yes, it was interesting to know that but I don’t think it’s the right way to teach you. Let’s try Isopod, the app.


The app is like watching a Sci-fi educational movie with you as the leading actor. There is lots of knowledge about these insects but the developers know that books serve the same purpose and that’s why they tried something interactive and I guess they have succeeded. In the game, there is a roly poly which first comes on to the screen crawling and then rolls itself up. We know that it eats up the spiders, but here it is saving other insects like beetles from those cruel spiders by bumping them and flying them away. In your way, each time you hit the spiders or the ants, you lose your power a little. You can regain it by hitting the blue and yellow butterflies.


Well, that’s all about the gameplay. But wait! Where’s the educational part? Oh sorry, I forgot. Actually, every time you clear a level, you unlock some information about these bugs. There are facts, images, short stories about their life, etc. There are 4 different worlds in total: Santa Cruz, California, USA; Cape Town, South Africa, Brisbane; Queensland, Australia and Sierra Nevada, California, USA. Only the first world is unlocked at the starting; the other two are unlocked later as you completed the earlier ones. The last one remains locked and can only be unlocked via in-app purchase of $1.99. Other than that, you can opt for the Teacher’s version which comes for $2.99 with all levels unlocked.

What I felt about the game was the fear on my face while saving myself from those giant spiders. First, it was really difficult to control the roly poly, second there were too many big spiders and ants around me and third it was very difficult to catch those beetles. It was like I was helping them to survive and they didn’t wanted to. The backgrounds were really scary and reminded me of the spider webs in the store room of my house. But still, my favourite world was the Sierra Nevada. The sounds also help the concept to build up.


The app is available for $1.99 in the App Store. I really liked it. Just that the educational stuff was separate from the actual gameplay that actually irritated me. Then it becomes just another boring educational book. But still it was very good and you must check it out.

Pros: amazing graphics; scary build up; addictive and difficult gameplay; educational.

Cons: the educational stuff is actually separate from the gameplay.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here