If you are an intense gambler or if you play just for fun, slot machines should always be your all-time favorite. Flaming 7s Slot machine is a perfect app for all the lovers of slot machine game. This app has been developed and launched by Leetcom for the android users and its available for free download from Google Play Store.  The app requires android 2.1 and up for its effective functioning.  Flaming 7s Slot machine app has been designed to create the feel of the Las Vegas casinos for its players. This app is the perfect companion for those who cannot make it to the casinos. You can enjoy the fun and thrill of the slot machine game from anywhere and at any time.


Flaming 7s Slot Machine app has been designed in an innovative way which provides the player with the realistic experience of playing the game. The app layout is very clear and uncluttered which enhances the gaming experience of the players.  The app has outstanding graphic design with high definition and is a pleasure for the user’s eyes.  The app also provides free coins and no load times for the players making the game more inviting and fun filled. The players can get the full experience and feel of playing in the casino with Flaming 7s Slot Machine, the app creates a perfect experience of playing the slot machine virtually in Las Vegas. The users can also upgrade the version of this app by paying in for additional features such as extra coins and other credits.



  • The app provides the realistic experience of playing the slot machine.
  • The payout system is totally fun, so that the players don’t have to be all tensed as in the real scenarios of payouts in the casinos.
  • The achievements tab in the game helps the users to keep track of their achievements, they have created a check list style of the achievements records which is more interesting.
  • The players can also take part in the worldwide leader boards and also check their ranking online to see how many credits they need to move to a higher level. This helps in keeping the game spirits always high due to the intense competition.
  • The app has also the Jackpot and Bonus rounds which help in encouraging the players; the amount in the bonus jackpot is always increasing so the players have the opportunity to win big during their progress. The jackpot amount is more than $100,000. The players also get a free bonus spin which helps them to increase their balance.
  • The app uses free digital coins, this helps the players to save their money and enjoy the game with the pure perspective of fun.
  • The app also maintains the highest scores list for the players to be motivated. It also provides the retrieve score option.



Flaming 7s Slot Machine app is the perfect app for all those who want to have a realistic experience of playing in a slot machine. All you need to do is to download the app and start having never ending fun with this entertaining app.

Good – Graphic Design

Bad – They can introduce different themes in the slot machines.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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