Due to the fast and busy schedule of life it is quite common to move from one place to another and if you have to adjust yourself to the new place you need to find something that will guide you about all that you want. ASKME is such an app for the android user that work as “The Baap of all Apps” and guides the user about everything around him and about his requirement. It is an app that is available for free and it promises to be all in one app for all your needs. Indian Superstar Ranbir Kapoor has promoted the app and made it even more special.


ASKME not only tells you about nearby restaurants and cafés but also tells you about the best deals, connects you to the active communities, books appointment in a spa near you and do all such things which you require to do in your day to day life. Classified ads, merchant listing, instant buys and best deals are all available through one simple app and the good thing is it does not cost you a bulk of drive space to download the app. You can take decisions about buying things and even more in the most informed manner possible as you can also read blogs about products and services through the simple app.



  • ASKME is an app that comprises the goodness of all apps. It is one app that will let you know about everything around you.
  • You can search for any kind of business near you; it can be a restaurant, a spa, a merchant shop or any other thing.
  • You can find the best deals in your nearby areas through the use of the app.
  • The app will get your location by GPS; you don’t require setting anything for the same.
  • You can check out classified ads for mobiles, cars, real estate and more.
  • It is also possible to search for the best jobs through the use of the app.
  • You can also add reviews and photographs about a place you have visited.
  • It is possible to a make a list of the businesses you like and that would make searching easier.
  • The app provides you opportunity to share information about the favorite businesses with your friends through SMS or Email.
  • The app also has connectivity with Facebook and Twitter.
  • ASKME app also provides you the opportunity to search phone numbers and email addresses of the businesses and you can directly make calls from the app.
  • Additional information of businesses is also available.
  • The app is available for android users with android 2.2 or later.
  • The version 1.0.32 is available for free and it takes around 3.1 MB space on your android device.

Summary: ASKME is an app that would let you know about the businesses nearby and at the same time will let you know about the best deals in food and shopping. The app tells you all the details regarding everything that you need.

Good: The all in all app is available for free.

Bad: The app has been liked by the users and there is nothing wrong with it.

Worth Having Application – Download the App