Liquid Avatar is a new app available on iOS and Google Play, it aims to make online identity authentication as simple and as secure as showing a passport.

Not sure what a liquid avatar is? You’re not alone. It consists of multiple layers, the first being a visual or presentation layer. This is what makes the avatars unique. You can customize them almost infinitely, with a huge range of different styles. 

Your avatar is as unique as you are, verified using a cloud-based biometric scanner to ensure only you own that skin. Connect it to digital wallets, verifiable credentials and more.

But they are more than just a cool looking character. The avatar uses blockchain technology to securely store, authenticate and share your data. You can make a digital character for every aspect of your life – one for co-workers, friends, family etc. You choose the information you share with each contact, making it easy to share your information while preserving your privacy.

Avatars are free to create and there’s a premium marketplace where you can purchase some from both emerging and celebrating artists. Because only one person can own an avatar, they can be bought and sold as a commodity on the marketplace.

To download the app and create a Liquid Avatar today, visit the App Store, Google Play or