Many new apps claim to help contractors and service companies manage their projects in Android & iPhone, but very few of them are intuitive, simple, affordable, and useful. I was happy to come across TREXIS developed by SDG Consult Limited on the App Store & Google Play which proved to be different.

What is TREXIS?

TREXIS is a simple and user-friendly platform that streamlines the process of collecting the right information from customers remotely with one click, managing communication with them professionally, and tracking progress on every job.

Step 1: Engage client 

Engage client with a click of a button using using the mobile number the client called from.  TREXIS will send them a customised form link via SMS to complete with the job information you need. Client fills out the form, adds personal details, job details, photos and videos if necessary.

Step 2: Review job 

You can review your job with all the information the client sent at your convenience without worrying about missing important information on a phone call in a noisy work place. You can decide to accept and assign job to your team, go view the job or politely reject. 

Step 3: Manage everything from your dashboard

You can use your dashboard to manage all jobs and you have full control. It is possible to see the status of each job, the history, pictures, videos, and comments. You can also view statistics, charts, and reports. Manage your company staff, access rights, and see how your resources are being effectively utilised.

Key Benefits

Engage your customers – Send a form through your dashboard to your customers to fill out describing the requested services.

Track your jobs and clients – TREXIS professionally offers online tools for tracking your jobs, status, history, progress and more. More importantly, your client details will be provided by them so you can be sure they are accurate and you can follow up easily. You can know exactly who is working on what and make sure your customer

Engage your team – TREXIS is great for working with team. You can assign jobs to your team members from the app or the website and keep track of them. Their rights are easy to manage. Because the app is based on the principle of shared collaboration, things are kept up to date by everyone because it simply creates value for all. 

Secure platform  – TREXIS is an online platform, managed and secured by quality engineers and IT professionals in the UK. More importantly there is no software to install, no licenses to update, no worries on your part. You can safely focus on your business while we keep things running smoothly.

Search and catalogue – Navigate and catalogue your jobs as required. You can view a complete history of all interactions with your customers. Get catalogue for easy listing and advanced search.

Increase productivity – Through dynamic forms, pictures and videos of your customer’s premises, your productivity will increase. Not only it will save money by not having to drive to every customer just to provide a quote, but it will always be prepared before going to a site.

On demand reports  – Generate reports with a click of a button. View graphs and statistics on how your business is doing by category and dates.

Value for money – You can try TREXIS with 10 job forms for free, then starting from £5.99/month, a really small price for the value it gives you to keep your clients, jobs and your team organised while you can concentrate on productivity. 


TREXIS app is a must-have for every contractor and service provider. It will allow you to keep track of jobs and clients, save time and increase productivity for a fraction of the cost. Based in the UK, TREXIS is planning to soon expand internationally.