It can often be irritating to receive calls from an unidentified number or one that is not saved to your contacts. There is good news for those seeking a remedy with Contactive, which is a free caller app for Android users. The caller ID is a universal one that can be used for global calls originating from outside the country as well. When someone whose number is unsaved calls you, the app is able to search the web and provide you with complete information regarding the name of the person using the number.

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  • It unifies all the details from the public network systems.
  • The app allows you to view details of the unknown number user who has contacted you, such as his picture, email, the latest Twitter update as well as the person’s present LinkedIn job prospects and other details in Facebook and so on.
  • The information is collected from social networks and other sources that are publicly available and shows you details of the person even before answering the call.
  • The contact information from your social networks can be merged to create an address book.
  • The address book is constantly updated in real time with the latest information.
  • The sources for getting the contact information are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as Skype, Yelp, WhatsApp and Tango among others.
  • The app is based from SoHo in New York and it is a free application available to all Android users.
  • It is a universal caller id and thus it is able to function regardless of the place you are located in or regardless of the place from which the caller is calling you.
  • When you receive a call from an unknown number, the app makes a search for that number in its database and you will be able to view the name and location details on the screen. It brings to you the entire social media buzz around the name within seconds.
  • When you install the app, it merges all the information with the social network of the person, showing you updates in real time.
  • Contactive also gets its information from its Global Directory apart from social media sites.

The Good

Contactive is a great app for Android that works to replace meaningless phone numbers with meaningful details to improve your mobile communication with others. It can prove to be your personal intelligence agency. So far, there has not been any other tool for locating the details of repetitive calls from an unknown number. The app solves this irritating problem and can be very useful when someone unknown to you is trying to convey some important information.

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