I’ve played so many games that now I’m bored of all that. Everywhere you can find the most amazing, high definition and quality games being created and they have a huge fan following. But after some time, you get bored of them. Nowadays, life of a game is much shorter than it was in the past. For example, all of us have played Mario and it was a simple game. Still, it lived for decades and still now, every child gets to play it at least once. It can be compared to the new generation songs. You hear them, you like them and then you forget them. So finally you get back to the same old evergreen songs. Similarly, there are some games that can be regarded as evergreen such as Mario. We have one such app that is a blend of some ancient and modern techniques. Let’s see if it manages to attract the users.


Cyborg Chicks Vs Space Sandwiches is the latest app. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

The story begins at a planet inhibited by beautiful girls. But then they are attacked by an army of Sandwiches that leads them to leave their planet. Now they want the revenge and you are the only hope to help them. The gameplay is very simple and that’s I love it. You have to shoot the sandwiches and avoid touching them. When you shoot them, they’ll convert into cash and don’t forget to collect it. You can later use this cash to buy power ups and clothing for your girls. Controls are simple as you have to just tilt your phone left or right to move.


The graphics are what we call pixel art and it’s absolutely lovable for many. It looks as if a painting has come to life on a canvas. The girls are cute and there are 25 different characters that you can choose from.

Though I love this app, there are some faulty errors as well that the developer could have worked out. First, I don’t understand the concept of bikini girls and that’s why the app can only be downloaded by users 17 years and older. If there was no bikini show, it would have been a perfect app for young children. Then due to the feminine stuff, the app will mostly be downloaded by girls only and boys will ignore it.


Overall, I think that this app had the potential to do much more if these mistakes were not at their right place. Still, for an app without price tag, this will work.

Pros: pixel art graphics; 25 different characters to choose from; lots of stuff to shop; free.

Cons:  None

I will give this app 4.5  out of 5 stars.

Hope you love to watch videos:

 – Story Trailerhttp://youtu.be/WDtyGjmet8A
– Gameplay Teaser: http://youtu.be/VgNfwdtQhXY