If your life revolves around photos of yourself and your friends, then AwwPics is the perfect app for you. With this app, you can easily explore the photos of friends, while also making your own photos look stunningly attractive and cool. Then, upload these on Facebook and watch the number of likes you get skyrocket. This photo editing Android app can help you make your photos look gorgeous and different.

[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.etoolkit.awwpics”]

The user interface of this app is indeed impressive. It is not only very user-friendly but also has a host of wonderful features. The home screen allows you to choose explore, view and add photos tabs. If you find any photo interesting, then you can open it and modify it easily by tapping on it. Once you make the changes, you can then share or upload it with friends.

There are many features to edit photos using this app. You can choose between enhance, frames, text, cropping, effects and orientation options. The orient option allows changes in the orientation by allowing rotation, standing and more. Crop allows you to select a part of the picture and cut out the rest. Frames option brings you numerous frames. You can add text using the Text option and add special effects with the Effects option. This way, you can make your photos look brighter and fabulous.



While these features are available in many photo editing apps, AwwPics is quite different from the regular ones. For a free app, it offers much more than you can expect. You can edit photos directly from your Facebook account or choose pictures from your device gallery. With so many editing options, you can select the one that suits your needs best and make your photos look splendid. You can also change he brightness, sharpness, hue and contrast without much effort.

The app takes lags a bit and takes a while to load pictures. It crashes quite often, which can get irritating. Also, the updates do not work well until a week after a week at least of the release of the update. Downloading updates before a week makes the app crash.

Besides editing the photo itself, you can add text to it to convey a message. There is a wide collection of awesome and cool frames to give your photos more emphasis and a finishing touch. With other features like cropping, orient and enhance, there’s just so much you can do to your photos.

If you are crazy about pictures and believe that a picture can convey a thousand words, then this app will help you do just that in the best possible way. Explore photos and edit them to suit our fancy. Developed by eToolkit Inc., this free and easy-to-use app is just what photo lovers need. Editing and sharing photos could not have been made simpler and more fun. This app is indeed worth trying out and offers a lot for a free photo-editing app. Explore this app and see the many wonders that it can do to your photos.

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