Comfi Call International is a global dialing or international dialing application which is well designed to suit your Android Phones or iPhones.  This application absolutely gives you complete satisfaction and it saves upto 98% of international call charges. The functioning and usage of this application is very simple and easy to use. This application automatically recognizes the international contacts from your mobile device and it automatically assigns an appropriate US Local number. So that when you call using your mobile phone your career will recognize the international number as local US number but it connects to the international number. Your career may bill you for local call charges when you use this application but the local number will be diverted to your international dialing number through comfi account.

The generation of calling cards has now migrated to the form of mobile device applications to make it more convenient for use. This application Comfi Call International is designed to be more user-friendly when compared with its competitors like Skype, etc. This application doesn’t require any 3G/WI-Fi or any data plan. It uses the normal carrier calling service and make the call look like a local number for all you international dial-in numbers.  The Comfi call International app is available in Google Play store for free of cost for all android devices.  This App requires Android OS 2.1 & above and the best feature about this app is they offer $1 free credit to all new users. Using this $1 you call to any international number and talk for a maximum of 45 mins. The call quality is excellent and the application’s user interface is designed to give comfort to its users.

The Comfi Call International app has four different tabs which covers wide range of features. The Intl Contacts tab will automatically integrates with your mobile device’s contacts and it automatically fetches international contact information to ease your usage. It automatically assigns an appropriate US dial-in number for all your International contacts. The Recents tab gives you clear idea about the call you are making and how much you spent on that call and how many minutes your call has lasted. This tab helps you to keep track of your recent calling history with detailed information of your calls. The functionality of next tab keypad is similar to that of your mobile device’s keypad, which gives a complete comfort for the users to dial any international number or you have option to retrieve any contact information from the mobile device’s contacts and you can easily make calls without exiting from this app.

The Account tab has your comfi account information. Tapping on the account tab will give you clear information like the phone number you have registered on the comfi account. It displays your current balance. It gives you options to add credit of $10 or $20 or $50 of your choice. It also offers an option to auto refill your account which will automatically recharge your account using your credit card information. Before enabling the auto refill option you must enter your credit card information in the app. It also allows you to keep track of your purchase history.  This app offers a tab which gives complete information about the international calling rates so that you can be easily aware about how much your international call is going to cost. Believe me it’s much cheaper than any other service providers.

This app also has a customer support option which will internally call the mobile device’s email application and it will allow you to reach Comfi’s customer care service through email. On the whole this application is a wonderful gift for international callers with its free $1 credit. Try it today on your android mobile device you will be completely satisfied.

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