Gold coins, maze and enemies. Anyone can guess what these three words conclude to. Pac man! Of course. This belonging of the early period of gaming is still recognized as one of the best in the business to be remembered by many of us. The name brings the old feelings of playing mind games with the monsters while trying to escape and eating out all the gold coins to make it to the next level. The old era has faded out but its footnotes are still being followed in this modern world.

Where’s My Candy is the latest addition to the app store and can be considered to be ‘modified Pac man’. The game is free in a limited edition and higher levels are paid. Here, the little creature is replaced by a fat panda, joy. He lives in a Bamboo Village but his love for candies more than bamboos is something that takes him apart from the usual ones. But suddenly, one day, someone steals away all his candies. Within this unusual atmosphere, another unexpected thing happens when joy turns into a Dragon Warrior armed with magic powers to find out his candies back.

This was the story. Now, let’s go back to the game. There are five different game plays available which are Bamboo Forest, Castle, Invincible Wall, Sky and Ghost Island. So, there is a lot of variation available there. In each game play, 4 game modes or you can say, 4 different characters are available i.e. Classic, Dragon Warrior, Invincible and Ghost. In each mode, the panda has some different unique powers.

For example, in Ghost mode, the fat panda can fly and the spiders won’t be able to catch you. In dragon warrior mode, each move of the spiders seems to be very slow due to the fly catching eyes of the warrior. Also, there are some interesting props you have to collect that can change the course of the game. Just eat a lollypop and no spider would be able to beat you as you go invincible.  A bubble gum makes all the spiders stuck in floating bubbles and the bomb kills all the spiders present in the maze at that time. So, it won’t be that much difficult because as you die, you can come again to take revenge with the help of some extra life coupons.

Moreover, there is a list of achievement levels with assigned tasks to be completed. They keep the game engaging and challenging. This reminded me of Need for Speed Bounty levels which were quite same. The different challenges may be to receive 16 stars and get 1 Bomb or to kill one spider etc. The game play is very addictive and easy and can be played by anyone, thanks to the fascinating designing of levels and different game modes available. But still, it is just an addition to the older version of Pac man. Of course, if it is new in the market, it will certainly have something different to offer than the previous one. The achievement challenges are an innovative integration to the package to keep it more interesting. So, if you haven’t played Pac man, you should certainly go for this one. But even if you have, there is still something that you might not want to miss.

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