When it comes to printing of photos and other images from a mobile device, the process has been quite challenging. It is especially due to lack of the printing component having been integrated within the device. In most cases, individuals have been required to transfer such photos to more compatible sources like PC to facilitate such printing. This should not be the case anymore! With the introduction of Same Day Prints app by MailPix Inc., photo lovers have a reason to be excited when in need of printing the photos. Surprisingly, the entire process has been made much easier it takes a relatively short time to print such high-quality photos. Once the printing is done, the user can proceed to pick the photo prints from the local CVS store. It is incredibly amazing experiencing that saves significantly on time.


How the Same Day Prints app works

The entire printing process performed by this amazing app is quite easy to undertake as a user. At first, one needs to select the photos that are to be printed; they may be contained in the photo gallery. The next step is to choose the quantity and size in which the picture will come out. The common print sizes available include 8×10, 4×6, and 5×7 which can be printed using the high-quality Kodak paper. The user will then be required to specify the convenient local CVS store where the photos can easily be retrieved. Once such selection has been made, an individual will wait for only one hour before picking up the photos.

Additionally, the user can get the photos stored in different social sites or different download sites, for instance, Dropbox, Tumblr, and Photobucket. It clearly indicates that Same Day Prints app is meant to bring more convenience besides making the entire printing process fun and fabulous.


Compatible Devices For Same Day Prints app

This fantastic app has been designed to give exceptionally high-quality photo prints that will bring great satisfaction to its users. This clearly implies that the quality of the devices used should meet the expected standards to provide the expected output. Thus, the user is required to possess Android device (version 4.2 or any latest available) to boost the overall performance.

Here are the exceptional features identified in the Same Day Prints app:

Select images for printing from digital sources

This incredible app gives the user an opportunity to make the different selection of images and pictures from various storage locations. This includes images from the photo gallery or various social sites such as Photobucket, Tumblr, and Dropbox.

Order and pick up photo prints in an hour

It is an interesting feature that allows the user to make a quick order of the type of photo size to be printed. The user proceeds to indicate the convenient CVS to pick up the photo after an hour. This clearly proves how fast and easy the Same Day Prints app has made printing to be when using the Android phone.


No shipping charges or extra costs incurred

Printing has been achieved quite efficient and profitable with the Same Day Prints app. Apparently, once the user has made an order, the payment is only made at the CVS store where the photo is to be collected. An individual only pays for the photo prints without incurring any shipping costs which have been experienced in some photo printing apps and FreePrints.

Develop a perfect photo project and share with friends

Interestingly, CVS Same Day Prints app allows the user to have a fantastic moment of changing fascinating memories and past captured events into amazing photo prints. Such photos can make up a good photo project where one can share with friends and other family members. Besides, with the capability of ultimately printing different photos using the mobile device, this makes everything quite convenient for the user.

Apply customized features before printing

Same Day Prints app allows the user to apply different customized and unique features before proceeding to make the print. This ensures that the photo comes out perfectly as required by the user. One can then proceed to issue an order. The last thing is to check the order on the Checkout page to ensure it is correctly stated. What remains is just to wait for the photo in an hour’s time!

Here are the Pros and Cons of the Same Day Prints app that one will come across:


• Superfast in performance and output

• Pretty simple to use and operate

• Convenient when it comes to picking photos

• Absolutely cost effective- no need for ink or special paper

• A full range of high-quality photo sizes printed


• Mild performance experienced when not updated

• Slowdown in photo uploading noted


A perfect photo print with exceptional performance is a clear description of what the Same Day Prints app is. It has indeed exceeded customers’ expectations due to its high-quality printing display, efficient in nature, super-easy to use and its convenient approach when it comes to picking up the photo. This is a recommendable app that any photo lover cannot afford to miss. Why not get it today at Google Play? Downloading for free is ready. Don’t miss that experience!

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