Pocket Monkey, a complete entertainment package designed by GameCell with a wonderful graphical effect and perfect background sounds. Pocket Monkey is a great innovation in the adventure games genre with lots of fun. The animations of the little monkey character will keep you addicted to complete each level and make you more involved in the game play. This simple game flows around a story line of a cute little monkey which is lost in the forest. We need to guide and help this monkey to reach his village safely.

Pocket Monkey has a very simple game controls. Unlike other adventure games, Pocket Monkey has an interactive guide in the initial levels which will help you learn the game play easily. On the left side you will have the direction controllers with which you can move your monkey front or back or upwards or downwards as and when required. Over the right hand side you will have controller to make your monkey jump over the tress and another controller to attack the encountering enemies. You will have option to pause the game and you can continue the game whenever you want.

Pocket Monkey is designed in a way that it will be compatible enough on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pocket Monkey requires iOS 4.3 or above to install on your Apple devices. Pocket Monkey is designed with English language and it occupies 40 MB of device space to accompany the sheer graphics. Pocket Monkey is free to try upto five levels and you can unlock upto 60 levels from the in-app store by spending $0.99. In each level you will encounter more challenges, more enemies, and more fruits for energy. You need to complete the levels within your life points. You can use the bananas and nuts you are collecting along the way to kill the enemy animals you encounter in your journey.

Each level in Pocket Monkey is filled with full of adventures, keep your monkey alive and make him complete the 60 levels to reach the destination. You need to be quick, active and use the resources properly to avoid the traps. Make your little monkey run along, climb trees, jump over the branches, and collect lots of fruits to survive in the jungle. Use the collected resources wisely, Fight your enemies and kill the evading animals using the resources. Collect your points in each level and unlock achievements, grab over each objective and complete them. You will face eight different types of enemies like spike, snake, etc. to fight against.

Pocket Monkey can be easily integrated with the game center to keep track of your scores and you can compare the scores with your online friends. The game play is very addictive in each levels and it ensures ultimate level of fun. You won’t give a pause to this game until you reach the 60 levels and make the little monkey reach his lost tribe. Just try this game on your iOS devices and buy the Level unlock through in-app store and keep your momentum going on this funny game.

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