Songs are the essence of life and one can stop living his life but can’t refuse to listen to the beautiful notes of the guitar scale. All these music audio files are mostly stored in MP3 format nowadays as it a universal format. But it’s not just songs that make part of the group. There are many recordings, voice messages that are sent. But if there are some personal messages stored in your private files similar to any MMS that contains some secret content, then it is prone to the risk of being leaked out. Even your friends are not far from your phone device to scan each and every element present in your phone memory. Then how can you protect your data from being hacked or stolen. The solution is MP3 Encrypt.


I am talking about the latest Android app, MP3 Encrypt that has been developed by Dongraid. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or later version of the OS. Now, I know that some of you might be thinking that the app serves as a folder lock so that you can store the files in a folder which is password protected. But this time you’re wrong as it creates a bad impression on everybody else regarding your privacy and it is very easily recognizable with a different folder that you’re hiding something. So, it’s better if you could disguise it completely.


The app is actually an encryption tool that encrypts your MP3 file such that it can’t be played until you decrypt it. Let me tell you how. First of all, open the app and tap on the encrypt button. Then open the file you want to modify. Now, you can also add a message that will appear when someone tries to open the file on your phone. When you’re done, just tap the encrypt button and the encryption is done. It’s that simple!

I really liked the app. First of all, it’s very simple to use. There is not much of detailing to the UI and that adds to the simplicity. Just encrypt any MP3 file with a few taps and the encryption process was also very fast. Moreover, there are no modifications or changes in the original audio after the decryption is done. The sound quality remains the same as there are many other similar apps which affect the quality of the audio after encryption.


The encrypted file can only be decrypted using the app. Therefore, now no one can see the stuff on your phone you don’t want them to see. You’ll have full control on your privacy. The app is available for $0.99 in the Google’s Play Store which is justified going with the simple and fast performance of the app. I would suggest this app to everyone. So now you can click any no. of photos without any fear of leaking them out.

Pros: simple to use; intuitive UI; fast; add messages to encrypted files.

Cons: none.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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