If you feel that all the games in your inventory are becoming more boring day after day, it is a natural habit for us to scour the app store for more interesting games that could prove to be occupying your time and keep us busy. But once you start looking you will realise that there are very few apps and games that tend to hold our interest for a long time. Such games bring out the best in us and pique our interests in a different level. With mobile apps and games, we get into the world of alternate reality and lose track of our time which really comes in handy while waiting for someone or in a really long line.

‘Floor Bust – Tank Missions’ is a mobile based app that comes under the Casual app section. One can enjoy playing it at any time.

Developed by:

Floor Bust – Tank Missions’ is developed and provided by ‘Crazy 4 Apps’.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘Floor Bust – Tank Missions’ app on your mobile phone or other devices that are compatible. Now launch the app on your phone and start playing the game. This app is a super fun and exciting one to play with. You can touch and hold anywhere on the screen to load the tank with bullets that would hit the floor above and send it crashing down. Release the touch on your screen to fire the bullet and pop the floor. The game never has a tie. Once you hit, you win and there is always a hit or a miss opportunity. Once you successfully hit it, the missiles collide with the floor above, the floor collapses.

Features of the app:

Floor Bust – Tank Missions’ has many features and some are listed here.

  • Fun to play
  • Simple UI/UX
  • User friendly game

Compatible with: