If you’re tired of searching the internet for possible job candidates or if you’re tired of finding the wrong people for your job postings, maybe you should try out Zartis. Zartis (E-Recruitment Software)provides results immediately because their service is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress.  Employers nowadays use social networks in order to know possible candidates for job positions.  With Zartis, you will also access these websites from one place instead of browsing again and again.  The best part about web applications is that every new result, every response and everything you change is automatically saved, but you still have that backup for when you need to retrieve lost information.

Now when you hear WordPress integration, it means that Zartis allows you to manage your applicants through WordPress if you would like to do so.  You can also use the WordPress plug-in in order to add a careers section on your webpage, so that people can read about the company or business and then move to the job postings.  If you have experience with coding, you can skip this advice and add two lines of code.  You can ask yourself why Zartis has so many features and website integration.  What Zartis hopes to do, is to have everything that is related to social media and that is easily found on search engines like Google, to be available to you.

One of the most important aspects of recruiting is using social media tools like Zartis.  Signing up takes only twenty seconds, and you will be dumbfounded when you find out how much you have to pay monthly.  With Zartis, you don’t need to hire a recruiter because you have the best idea of how you want the company or business to work and the type of people you want in it.  Once Zartis starts to display matches, it means that you are one step closer to finding that hard worker.  Next, you can use the filters to only show the matches that you want to see.

Now, if you would have a thousand applicants, you wouldn’t want to write a response to all of them, one at a time.  Zartis provides the tools to generate automated messages that establish communication with every applicant in order for the process to be fair for everyone.  You have the option to instantly evaluate and rate every single candidate.  So stop drowning in emails and move on to a perfectly organized and great looking website that is what Zartis is all about.  Post your job opening and then sit and wait at the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

Payment options are available for any kind of business or company.  If you are starting out a business, the free plan may be just the thing you need.  There are no monthly payment fees on this plan and they do not retain your credit card information.  If you want a free trial, you do not have to register your credit card and you can try out any of the three plans.  The next best plan is the basic plan that costs nine dollars a month and includes more job postings per month.  There is one user per month on the free and basic plan, so if you will have more than one employee, you have to head over to the Pro plan.  The Pro plan has unlimited job postings, multiple users using the account and assistance if you would need any.  This plan is twenty nine dollars per user, per month so this would apply to big businesses and companies.  The price is still a steal with all the features and time-saving tactics,  so try this application out today.

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