Kids have a long way to go sometimes when it comes to remembering family names.  Some names are easy to them, maybe they even say them before they start saying “Mommy” and “Daddy”.  However, since most names choose to be complicated, there’s an app for that!  Familiae provides the answers when your kid needs to remember family names.  It is also a great learning tool that helps them once they have to write down excercises at school.  Kids don’t like to do homework sometimes, so make it fun for them to learn and they will find their way.  What better way to learn family names than to make it a game on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

All you need to do is store the photos on your iOS device, and the application will instantly pick them up for the kids to see.  For each person over each photo, they have to build up the name and they are instantly gratified if they get the name right.  Familiae also helps your kid out by highlighting the first letter of each name, making it easy for them to start learning.  The letters are all scattered and once they get it together, family members can record their own message congratulating them for remembering.  This, we have not seen from any application and it inspires kids to learn names.  In fact, most parents that rated the application have great things to say about the recorded message feature.

Other ratings indicate that even parents find the game amusing and it binds them to their kids even more when the kids learn to write the name of other family members.  The application can be set up in three languages which include: English, Spanish and Portuguese.  Again, this is pretty unique from learning applications because most only come in one language.  The graphics are colorful for kids and maybe toddlers from one to three years to see.  How would it help toddlers?  Seeing familiar faces helps them recognize people better whenever they come to visit.

Familiae itself is rated 4+ and, although their website seems to be down for the time being, you can still contact them through the Itunes App Store.  For being a fun application, this one gives your child the ability to learn names and orthography.  For all these features, it should be reasonable to give them some rating on the iTunes App Store to show your support.  For those who want to buy the application from the App Store, this one is absolutely free and there is no full version, so you get all the features.  You also get to share some laughter with your kids as they start learning.  Once you make learning fun, they will eventually study on their own and keep on growing.

Since this application has been released in October 2011, it is not possible to see an average rating per user and you do not get to see all the comments that parents post.  The application provides a set up area, where you can go ahead and set up pictures along with the names for each.  You also get to record the message to congratulate the kid and hear it before posting it on the application.  You can also select which family members your kid can learn, so that it becomes a gradual process where the kid learns one at a time, three at a time or even five at a time.  It all depends on the settings, where you can activate and deactivate the people that the kid can learn.

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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