“Touch my Life”. This app is truly one of a kind. It provides a full fledged remote control for your Android phone. Though the application name “Touch my Life” is very generic, the functionality what it has is simply awesome.

If you are wondering ‘Remote-Control’! How does it work? Well here goes..

Let’s say you have installed Touch My Life in your Android phone.  Now, you are far away from your Android phone and you would like to take a picture from your phone.  You send a text message (SMS) to Your Android phone with atext message as “SendPhoto me@myemail.com”.  TheTouch my Life app automatically takes a picture and sends it to your email address!

This is one of the examples and there are many such more features it supports. A few commands that you can send as an SMS and the phone where Touch my Life is installed to execute the respective actions:

CallMeBack  –  Touch my life Calls back the sender of the SMS

WhereAreYou – Automatically uses the GPS and sends the Google map link and  Full address of your mobile as SMS.

Similarly SendLiveVideo, SendContactList, Vibrate,PlayRingTone, SetCalendarEvent, SendSMS,CallNumber, SendCallDetails… the list goes on…  We have seen this application supports more than 20 different functionalities.   It has a wide range of applicability – right from potential to be used as a spy app to everyday practical uses like remote calling.

We have tried it ourselves and it’s really ‘Wow’!

Commands are configurable and can be set in your own language as well.  They can be turned ON & OFF as you will. And if you ever feel…Hey this app is intruding my privacy… there is an option to allow / disallow numbers from which the commands will be accepted.

We spoke to the developers. They’re a bunch of students who built this application as their college assignment.  We feel it’s an all-in-one, innovative Remote control app.  From the first-feel of the developers, they have big plans of adding more features.

The cherry on top of the cake is that, this application is a free download from the android market.   Go ahead try it for yourselves & explore away!

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