The market is too competitive now. So if you’re launching a new product, there are already or will be many alternatives probably at the same cost. So what’s more that you can offer to your customers? Maybe the market analysts and leading businessmen have already found an answer to this one: Customer Support. Nowadays, before buying a product, the first question that pops up in the mind of a customer is to find out how good the customer service of that particular brand is. In fact, even if the product is slightly inferior, a better service can turn the tables for you. 24×7 customer support is very normal these days for most products. But what if you’re a part of that backend gallery that has both its ends choked up by customer emails and there’s no escape as far as you can see? Well, don’t worry! Just look down and there it is!

I’m talking about JitBit Helpdesk Ticketing System which is a hosted as well as on-premise support service that you can subscribe to any moment. But first you’d like to hear a reason for taking out your wallet, right? Okay, so let’s start with emails. The biggest problem dealing with so many emails is that you have to do a lot of manual data entry for generating a ticket so that you can address that problem to the corresponding engineer/technician. But with JitBit Helpdesk, now you can “bypass” it because JitBit does it automatically. In fact, if you can ask your clients/customers to categorize their problem in the fill-up form, it’ll automatically be sent to the concerned engineer. Now that’s a big sigh of relief!

Next, there comes the issue of team collaboration. When the same ticket goes through many different stations getting ticked one-by-one on the problem chart, it becomes very hard on the shoulders of a manager to trace back each and every point knocking everybody’s desk collecting the different files. But JitBit has a very simple solution to it. For every ticket, all the related files are stored at one place including the conversation, progress reports, any conflicts with the requirements, etc. So your bond with the client never breaks up even if you weren’t involved from the start.

JitBit makes it a delight for the manager to handle the working team and client side-by-side. The dashboard takes all the stress away. Its immaculate, neat and clean design gives you wings unlike other systems’ messed up screen with some complex statistics that raise your blood pressure every time you sit on that chair. Now you can regulate the team activities as well as organize things for the better from the dashboard itself. You can tag tickets, track progress of tasks, clean trash by deleting completed tasks and if everything’s going fine, checking out your financial and performance reports is always exciting!

You can slip in JitBit into your website within seconds. Just copy/paste a small code on your webpage and there you have your very own website-support-system running.

Now, the prices for different modules including the Saas and on-premise version are starting from $799 and $24.92/month respectively. So you have your choices. Which one do you choose?

Pros: immaculate design; handle team, tickets, clients and reports from the dashboard directly; email integration; perfect for team collaboration; free plans available.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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