LiveAgent’s web chat is a good option for businesses that operate across multiple channels and want to keep track of their customer interactions in one place.


  • Every received message can be converted into a “ticket” that serves as a communication thread.
  • Messages from various channels, such as web chats, emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and tweets, can be gathered in one place.
  • You can include internal customer notes.

What exactly is a ticketing system?

A ticketing system is primarily used for customer service. It enables customer service representatives to respond to inquiries from a single interface without difficulty. When a customer agent receives an inquiry through any channel, it is converted into a ticket. These tickets are available in a universal inbox. It allows your customer service representatives to respond quickly and efficiently.

How does LiveAgent’s ticketing software work?

After registering and going through the Getting Started guide, you can begin using LiveAgent. After you have implemented all platforms through which your customers can contact your company, you can start responding to inquiries. These customer inquiries are now referred to as Tickets.

Why should your company consider purchasing ticketing software?

  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • Rapid response to customer inquiries
  • The centralized system
  • Cost savings
  • Increased profits
  • Customer devotion
  • Communication is fluid.

The universal inbox feature lets your agents handle all customer inquiries from a single interface. Customer inquiries can be received via email, live chat, phone calls, forums, feedback, and social media. All queries from these platforms can be quickly addressed in the LiveAgent Universal inbox. LiveAgent, like many other software programs, supports mass actions. Mass actions save you a significant amount of time.

Another valuable feature of the ticketing software is distributing tickets automatically. This function is an excellent way to improve your customer service. You can, for example, specify how many tickets your agents should receive each day. This way, you can ensure that all of your customers’ inquiries are promptly addressed. Furthermore, by distributing the work evenly, you make your agents happy, and as a result, your customers are satisfied.

Final Say

LiveAgent is an excellent tool for assisting businesses with communication services. More companies use the service daily because it makes online communication more manageable than ever.

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