Internet has made everything easy and that’s what is responsible for making E-mail such a powerful messaging tool. E-mail is popular because it is time saving and you can share any kind of data with just a click. It has equally been used for marketing purposes. But it is an area where it might be not that successful. The main reason might be the no. of emails that are regularly sent. They are so large in number that it is quite easy for one to ignore it. That’s why, direct mails and postcards keep a good share of market in their hands.

The main problem with these mails is their handling problem. When a postcard is specifically designed for marketing purposes, then a no. of cards are to be posted together. This makes it frustrating for the sender to do it all correctly and at time. But what will happen if we mix up these emails with the direct mails. Well, the product will be Direct Mail Manager.

It is a web based marketing tool, developed by Postcard Services, which delivers it all in the field of postcards under one roof. You can select your postcard design from a no. of predesigned postcards which are absolutely free. Also, if you don’t like it or want some changes, you can go for the custom option where you can ask them to make the desired changes and they will do it for you. The designs are available for over 40 industries in all sizes like 3×4 or 4×6 and many more.

Creating campaign is very easy. Just select the design you want and upload the contacts list. Also, it integrates directly with many CRM, Ecommerce and Financial applications like Highrise or Fresh Books, etc. So if you have account on any one of those, you can directly import your lists to your dashboard. One another interesting integration is the Google Maps. It helps you to purchase lists according to the specified criteria which might be location or monthly income, etc.

After finishing with the mailing lists, your campaign is done. The best thing is that you can even opt for 1 postcard. There are no minimums. Your amount to be paid will be shown. Also, the prices are quite justified with their service. If you have the required funds, you can order the campaign with just a click. Your postcards will be quality printed and will be delivered to USPS within 48 hours for delivery. Also, with their collaboration with USPS, you can now keep a track of the progress of all the mails sent.

Direct Mail Manager also helps you to maximize your profits by giving you detailed reports of the campaigns. You can directly calculate your ROI reports and can compare two campaigns using A/B testing to check which one works better for you. You can also keep a track of the day and time of each mail sent. So, overall it looks to be a perfect gift for a market person looking for growth in a quick turnaround.

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