If you’re looking into a future in music, you may as well know that getting noticed by millions is just a matter of luck sometimes.  What if your favorite artist isn’t that popular?  Would you rather listen to the websites that promote music that just isn’t as good as they put it?  Top My Music is one of these websites where you can submit your favorite music videos along with lyrics as well as other ways to make things happen.  Top My Music has no ads and it makes it easy for you to search videos through platforms like Youtube.

Even if you don’t want to vote or nominate music for the top daily video, you can still take advantage of all their features by searching on Youtube from their website.  The music video will appear on the page along with accurate lyrics to the song.  Of course, the lyrics part doesn’t apply to people who are just putting their songs out there and hoping for the best.  If you’re basically tired of Youtube and VEVO, you have a new space to comment, view and see the actual lyrics to the song.

The best part about top my music is that there is no need to reload the page to view your favorite videos on Youtube.  All you need is a recent version of Flashplayer and you’re set!  The loading process takes a while, but afterwards, you can browse through every song in a smooth way.  If you want to make a playlist without having to download iTunes or use the media player, all you have to do is sign in with your Facebook account and save it for later occasions.

In an effort to fight online piracy, Top My Music has developed a download button within their web application for every song.  This links takes you to Amazon Music, where you can download your favorite songs by track.  Seeking a crowd can be easy using Top My Music because you can share your vote link on your Facebook page.  People who like your song can easily post them on Facebook and new users will eventually click on the link and visit Top My Music to see and comment on your video.

Often, new websites tend to scare people, especially if there are so many others to rely on.  As far as security goes, you can be sure that Top My Music is a safe new website that is just looking to have a different approach to the way you watch and share your music videos.  If you want to send a song to certain friends on Facebook, you can easily inbox them from your own website.  Feel free to check out their website and see the top song of the day.  The quality of the video as well as the ability to see the lyrics right there is just priceless.

Speaking of price tags, Top My Music is absolutely free to use and there are no fees to upload your own tracks for people to hear.  You can also contact them if you would like to promote yourself or your business on the website, especially if your business is music-based.  What new artists are looking for is a fair environment where they can post their videos and gain notoriety.  It is also a place to meet up with other new artists with the possibility of joining forces to make a band.  The web application itself looks great, and it has a Zen look to it because everything is white and organized, there are no special fonts or graphics and it gives off a feeling of peace.

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