A help desk is an essential part of every company as it acts as the interaction medium between it and its customers. Vision Helpdesk webapp provides you this integral component as a software that is web based. There are numerous features to the main application. There are satellite and  multi-domain tools that let you manage more than one company. As the software is a global thing, it is available in many languages, including many international ones.

Vision Hepdesk is unique in that it provides its users with a myriad range of convenient features so that thye can look into product issues and handle their customers in a more efficient manner. Every time an email arrives, a ticket is automatically generated by the software. This facility is very suitable for huge companies that deal in many products and work internationally. The software comes as a big boon in these cases.

The user interface of this software is however not very user friendly and is a little outdated. If you want to make use of this app, then you could go for a 30 day free trial or directly purchase it. For those companies who have to handle their customers and look forward to regularly making themselves better should grab this app. IT provides an excellent Helpdesk solution. Also, the fact that it is available in multiple languages makes it more suitable for large companies with international markets and multiple products.

In this app, there are is an array of features and also four different membership plans, which also come with addons. This app has an automatic conversion of the ticket would not go to anyone. As per the account level, you can also take care of many accounts. It makes use of mollom span protection. If you wish to handle more than one company at a time, then there are helpdesk tasks to help you with that. You can’t even access emails hosted on her Google.

As there is one front end and every company can maintain its own client portal, this app is a true satellite helpdesk. You can set a predefined reply for your staff and maintain a good base for us anyways. The work flow of this app is splendidly done. You can uses some rule-based criteria to decide which action system spit will fall under the criteria conditions,

To encourage better and work friendly environment, Your staff can use it as their private hub for communication and for sharing presentations, knowledge, files and collaborate in issues of the tickets. This will also strengthen the bond between your staff members and help them be loud and open. Also, you can instantly get reports in the form of tables, charts or figures so as to get an idea of the software. You can then set your own standards and try to analyze and improve your organization. So, to sum it up, the user interface is old and boring, and is not great but the features are superb.

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