wrike_webappraterIf you have a project to manage (or several), then you know how hard it can be to keep every component of the project organized. While there are many project management tools out there, Wrike is one that stand out. Wrike allows you to track the goals of your project, list out new tasks, communicate well and ensure that all your employees are held accountable for their tasks.

Wrike helps you break up your big projects into relevant tasks and folders. Each task can be viewed as a mini project with a due date. This helps break down the overwhelming milestones involved in project management. Breaking up tasks is as easy as 3 clicks in the Wrike app.

There are some features that give this app an edge over its competitors. One of its advantages is the time tracking feature. This allows you to keep a tab on how much time has been put into each task. This allows you to find out the exact time required to complete a task, as opposed to the conventional approximations.

Another great feature is the comments capability. In a project management scenario, it’s essential to be able to communicate well and keep in touch throughout the execution of the project. Users are able to comment on tasks and attach files if necessary. The basic purpose of a project management software is to help organize tasks and streamline communication.Wrike helps teams accomplish this and push projects through to completion.Sharing of tasks is made convenient and easy using permalinks in Wrike. While describing or referring to a task in a project, you can share the direct link to the task with a colleague instead of explaining how to find it.. It’s a feature that helps solve major communication issues faced during a project..

Based on the pricing plan, this platform is very flexible and allows for an unlimited number of collaborators. . There is an initial 14 day free trial version available. After that, pricing varies depending on which plan best suites your needs..Wrike is a project management tool that comes with a lot of functionality and a user-friendly interface. It is a smart tool that can save you a lot of time and money, while also getting work done more efficiently.

Good: Packed with a lot of handy features

Bad: Takes a while to learn